Open letter to Bill O’Really…

yeah I know the name isn’t spelled exactly the way you want, bill, but I have lots of Irish relatives who feel the same way I do. Since you and Rush LimpDog and Anne Coulter appear to be the only ones on the planet that Mr Bush listens to, try giving him this message from the American People.

It is readily apparent that when he and you and others of your ilk say that he doesn’t make decisions based on polls, he means it. He doesn’t even listen to the Official Poll on election day.

It doesn’t help that trash like you help by insisting on the pretense that the overwhelming outcry at the polls and massive defeat you suffered is actually a mandate for “let’s have more constructive bi-partisan dialogue to help us win the War.”

The message and mandate is YOU and your henchmen have been de-selected by the American people. You have been evicted from the seat of power. You are no longer entitled to run a damn thing.

The eviction papers were served two months ago. You have been given plenty of time to pack your bags, get it cleaned for the new occupants. The Sheriff is at the door. Get the Hell out!

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