Will the Obama speech trump tribalism?

The press misleads us about the war, the economy, the environment, our health, even our food. Would you care to proffer one topic for which they do not present a perspective skewed by corporate interest? I can’t. Our national media cannot still broach the suggestion that our president is an imbecilic jackass. And now they’re fawning over Obama.

Oh the usual Fox buffoons are raising their objections, but I suspect it’s their turn as good cop bad cop, further building this perfect storm of electoral excitement. Everywhere I go, I hear friends talking about Obama’s speech. Oh it was some speech. Historic? Momentous? But are those their words? To compare it to JFK means to eclipse MLK like he was unsliced bread. Have you heard the speech? Is this buzz generating from you?

As a theatrical chorus setting the tone, the media is showing a wildly selective memory in rationalizing their adulation. Did we/they mean to skip over Reagan? He gave good speech. Many actors have made memorable speeches. And politicians. I favor James Galloway’s speech before the Senate, before that, I remember Oliver North’s.

Men of substance can make great speeches. Literary heros come to mind. What would happen if Americans held the presidential candidates to those standards? Czechoslovakia did. Couldn’t the most powerful elected office in the world command a higher wisdom quotient?

Barack Obama is certainly quick witted and persuasive. Has he persuaded you with the intelligence he’s displayed as a legislator? Going to war, the Patriot Act, Torture, Impeachment? Has he voiced concerns for health care reform, for example? You think Obama isn’t at liberty to be candid about those problems NOW?

Back to the media: who do you suppose our corporations, Wall Street, the World Bank, and the Military Industrial Complex want to see in our highest office? Bush is term limited, so who’s the next “best man for the job?”

I can see Americans voting for a woman, half the population are women, one hundred percent of everybody’s mothers are women. We’ve always entrusted teaching and nursing to women. More and more of our professors, judges, mayors, and governors are women. Hillary Clinton not only has political experience, she’s had a close personal brush with the top job. And to assuage any chauvinists, Hillary will have a male presidential chaperone, the traditional spouse and mentor, himself a role model to chauvinists. Is this woman electable? You have only to look beyond the media defamation to see a fully competent “bitch”.

Barack Obama’s speech may have addressed the issue of race in America with a finesse to make you swoon. So did he resolve it, put it to bed, as the media would like our own excited buzzings to conclude? Racism is in our hands, isn’t it?

I’d like to ask you, if you’ll turn off the telly for a mo, in your heart of hearts, will American voters, 90% of them who are white and can get into the polls unobstructed, will they vote for a black man? Visualize the red state voters who returned Bush to office for a second term. Visualize the ugly operatives, Christians and Blacks among them, who conspire to uphold Neo-conservative power, will they acquiesce to a black challenger?

I too would like to hope, but I’d like to hope Americans wake up to the difficult, self-critical rhetoric it’s going to take to reclaim our democracy. God Damn the anti-democratic corporate mouthpieces for offering us a calculated false hope. When Obama looses, they’ll shame us for not showing faith enough in hope.

1 thought on “Will the Obama speech trump tribalism?

  1. Obama isn’t “The One” who changes America. It’s the millions who are supporting not him, but the ideal, (and idea) of a shift in thought processes.

    The Chosen Few of dumbfox noose commentators who are “rebelling” against company lines, yeah, they might be just a sham, a calculated plan by Murdoch and Friends, because they see which way the wind is blowing… and they’re covering their collective arse while and at the same time keeping up the mindless accusations.

    Like their half-hearted and half-assed endorsement of McSame.

    If anything, the president should be no more than a figurehead, not a decider of what the will of the people is, nor an interpretER of what the will of the people will be, but an interpretatION.

    Right now, in this moment, this bubble of the time/space/realpolitik continuum…

    it appears that a majority of Americans are saying “change” as in “get us the fuck out of the same road we’ve been on”

    And, I believe at least, the majority of that majority has realized that we, and not our figureheads or speechmakers, are going to keep that “change, change now, and make lasting changes” process going, win/lose/draw.

    And that they realize that they, themselves, are going to be the agents of any change.

    If you look to the left side of these comments, what Media Matters and HuffPo are saying and doing, and defining and defying… and what the “No Change, Not Now, Not Ever” crowd are saying and doing….

    Gunny Bob and Rush and Bill-do and their diseased ilk do have a positive contribution, if only as a “bad example”.

    Kind of like, we can point to their words, their noble speeches, and say “You wanna learn how to live right? See those guys there? That ain’t it…”

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