Sign this petition in support of the East Morton High School students who protested The War!

Our country is disgraceful under the direction of its current misleaders, and no more so than in what has become of the public schools under George Bush’s control. Parents Urge High School to Reverse Expulsions for Students Who Held ‘Day of Dead’ Iraq War Protest

Please sign their petition, and go to as many District 11 School Board meetings as you can, and give the jerks running Colorado Springs public schools hell for the crappy job they are doing.

Next school board election we need some much better candidates to choose from. I still have the ballot in my hand for the current election and it makes me want to cry. Is this really the only local material we have to choose from at this time?

Thank God for the high school students at Morton East High School in Cicero, Illinois and the ones in Boulder, Colorado, too! They deserve all the support we can give them. We need to send these dumb ass administrators a petition with a million or so names on it. Educate the ‘educators’ now!

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