Did Blackwater sneak silencers into Iraq? That’s a good question, because silencers are used mainly by snipers. Is this the true face of bringing ‘democracy’ to Iraq?

Is sniping using silencers done by a private Pentagon- contracted corporation of death squad personnel what Iraq is all about for the US government at this point? Yes, it is certainly so. What else can one expect from a government that loves ‘water-boarding’ its captives so?

That and rendering. Dictionary meaning of ‘to render’ is ‘to try out oil from fat, blubber, etc., by melting.’ ‘Rendering’, a favorite phrase for US government death squad work. Yes, the US government, Pentagon, and Blackwater would be using silencers, too. America’s face to the world.

2 thoughts on “Silencers

  1. The probably fit those CPA Glock pistols that turned up on the streets of Turkey. That’s part of Waxman’s Blackwater investigation as well.

    I’ve also done some research on the 250,000 ‘missing’ AK-47s and their connection to a Russian mobster, Vicktor Bout, who was also hired by the taliban during NATO’s Kosovo campaign.

    IOW, he was probably also transporting Osama’s Kosovo Liberation Army for NATO.

  2. Yeah, the spokesfreak for “the company” said they would cooperate with this investigation Just Like They Cooperate With EVERY Investigation…

    We…Are.. So… Screwed…

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