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MC FogHorn Leghorn and the F’N MA

With record high foreclosures due to predatory lenders and sham mortgages, who's in favor of a taxpayer bailout to the Federal National Mortgage Assoc.? Or how about public monies to save the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation? No takers? The homeowners are still screwed, but the lenders need our help. They're shareholder owned, government sanctioned monopolies, and they need 25 billion. No sympathetic alms? Good thing both the FNMA and the FHLMC, appointed themselves the intentionally endearing nicknames Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to confuse our affections. 3852

Direct Action versus Indirect Inaction

One hundred years on, we're still told we can elect representatives to look out for us in Congress. But do they represent us? Do they end the war, reject FISA, impeach the president? The register-to-vote work-through-official-channels folk take us for HOW stupid?

Knowing we are in over our heads

One reason we have governments, for you inquiring civil libertarians, is for guidance. I can certainly think of two matters which might always evade common man's grasp: nutrition and economics. 2694