Sisters Witness Against War August 10

Sisters witness against war
FRIDAY, Aug 10
12noon – 4pm

St Mary’s Cathedral
meal downstairs
Prayer upstairs
Parking lot
gather to car pool.
Peterson AFB
vigil, banners
Return to
St Mary’s

2 thoughts on “Sisters Witness Against War August 10

  1. Yeah, but in a predominantly Catholic town like for instance maybe umm… Here… you know, and in a nation where the “leaders” proclaim their Christianity while preaching something really different with their money and their guns, Christians standing up and saying no is a very important thing to have. What if all Church people just unanimously sided with the Chimp, the way his pet preachers proclaim?

    It’s really really important that he be put on notice that God ISN’T his private property and domain.

    He’ll just have to eat it and smile.

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