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US gov supported ‘disappearing’ people in Colombia and now runs Mexican ‘drug war’ killings out of Peterson AFB

The US currently intervenes inside Mexico by running Mexico’s ‘drug war’ out of Peterson AFB, located right here in Colorado Springs where NORTHCOM is located. What track record do the US government and military have in their bloody Made-in-the-USA ‘drug wars’ in the Americas? See Killing in The Name of… Death Squads, Murder and U.S. Corruption in Colombia.

More troops, more ‘drug war’, more bloodshed to be result of recent rigged Mexican presidential election

This picture depict 750 more Mexican troops arriving this week with grand public display to Torreon, a metropolitan area of about 1,500,000 south of Chihuahua on the route north to Ciudad Juarez-El Paso. The newly selected Presidente Nieto is going to continue the US government’s ‘drug war’ in Mexico that the previous presidente, Felipe Calderon, was known for implementing. More death and more horror for Mexico, all forcibly imported from the Pentagon, NORTHCOM Mexican ‘drug war’ command center, Peterson AFB located just outside of Colorado Springs. See America's Mexico Blog for more info about NORTHCOM.

Anwar al-Alawki murdered by anonymous cowards at Peterson AFB

StratCom drone “pilots” struck again, this time killing an American citizen whose “crime” was preaching against the Empire. They linked his sermons to “radicalizing” Maj. Hasan of Ft Hood, although I strong suspect that his fellow officers, who admitted their continuous harrassment of him, had a LOT more to do with that.
Also what causes people to become “radicalized” is the notion that they are somehow lesser than us, thus we have the right to murder them at will.
I bet the drone operator who pulled the trigger was so smugly self-satisfied with his “bravery” that he went home and beat his dog and raped his Momma. Or beat his Momma and raped his dog.
The message of the drone strike is clear “Do as we say or we murder you and anybody around you”.
Oderint dum Metuant.
The REAL terrorists are the Imperial Storm Troopers who enforce that motto. For those, like most of the War supporters, who don’t know any Latin or any history, that was the motto of two Roman emperors, Gaius Julius Caesar II aka Caligula and Nero. And it means “let them hate us, as long as they fear us.”
And so the murder spree continues, in the name of God and country but really just to line the pockets of the Rich Bitches who are trying to suppress any protests against Wall Street and their literally state-subsidized profits.
Thieves and Murderers flock together. Murder, by the way, is a cowards crime no matter how it’s done, but when it’s done by some keyboard “hero” through remote control devices it just makes the point even more obvious. The chickenshits at the Pentagon and the White House and in the Command Structure below them, who ordered the murder, even more cowardly than the “hero” who pulled the remote control trigger. Really BRAVE men, they are…
Wonder how many kids got killed as collateral damage in this attack? The Air Force Babykilling Liars won’t admit it, though.
They’ll deny their guilt for as long as possible. Much like they still deny they’re subsidizing the very richest people in the world, fighting for the Oil Corporations and other thieves.

Peterson Air Force Base has a riot squad

Protesters in custody
COLORADO SPRINGS- There is a postscript to the Sisters Witness Against War arrests at Peterson AFB last Friday. Where we left off, three women stepped across the line to protest our nation’s ongoing militancy, and the base commander’s refusal to hear the consciences of pacifists. Barbara, Mary Ann and Esther were led away to be processed, handed to the police, then released. Esther told me the sight that awaited her as she was taken out of our view.

Taking this step, this year, by the way, was in honor of Elizabeth. As the three women were being escorted around the security/reception building, out of view from the protest, they encountered a line of soldiers, dressed in riot gear, being put through various drills. Asking about the apparent extremity of such measures, the women were told that this happens every time there are protests on the other side of the gate. The preparations are standard procedure.

If you can imagine what it’s like from our side, fifty or more quiet nuns usually, once or twice a year, holding home-sewn banners or small signs, facing a security booth being manned by a dozen soldiers, some with binoculars, some in plain clothes. It’s quiet and uneventful. You’d never guess there are people in riot gear being put through their paces behind the scenes.

I laugh because it’s always a nearly-spoken hope that one day we will walk toward the gate, and all of us supplicate ourselves in a compassionate plea to end the war-making. While probably every participant certainly has the courage to be arrested, decorum and a sense of pragmatism hold us back. We await a better opportunity, an impassioned leader to follow, probably. And so through the years, the sisters have only ever mounted a limited nonviolent assault on that yellow line.

This year as the arrests were wrapping up, a soldier noticed that someone’s feet had unknowingly strayed over the line. He pointed sternly and the wouldn’t-be offender hopped giddily back like a new gambler who hadn’t intended a bet.

Even this time, we murmured to ourselves, if only all of us would simply cross that line, they wouldn’t know what to do with us.

Well, as Esther’s report clarifies, they would know what to do with us. And they ready themselves every year to do it. Which has me thinking that they have a higher respect for our potential than we do ourselves. They know what’s at stake, even as we yet do not.

I struggle questioning whether we can reach across to the military mindset with our pacifist ideology. Especially as their militarism extends to dealing peace-petitioners physical blows. Will there be human consciences to reach, or just gung-ho soldier appetites to satisfy? That question holds me back.