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Gandhi as Jesus? A critique of this pacifist nonsense by a marxist historian is now getting published

In the US amongst pacifist Christian liberals, Gandhi is considered to be the son of Jesus almost. The following is a brief look at this mindset which is brewed in India itself by the Hindu Right Wing politicians governing there. … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday MLK Jr, human rights leader, now a ninnied corporate brand

Does this need repeating every Martin Luther King Day? It’s all I can do to resist meeting my compatriots at the MLK breakfast this morning with signs to decry their tomfoolery. MLK was a man of action not sleep walking. … Continue reading

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Obama confuses Nobel for Iron Cross

We can only conjecture that the Nobel Peace Prize fashioned for President Obama features military motifs of the Knight’s Cross and the Prussian Pour Le Merite. The cheeky new War Czar invoked, and completely contradicted 1964 peace laureate Martin Luther … Continue reading

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Pacifism is objectively pro-fascist

Even the most violent totalitarian system hasn’t enough weapons to outnumber the masses. For fascists to rule with an iron glove requires well deluded pacifist theologians to tamp the populace spirit. By example they can martyr themselves silly for all … Continue reading

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American pacifist Kathy Kelly reports from Gaza

“Yet, all the world helps after an earthquake,” said a doctor at the Shifaa hospital in Gaza. “We feel very frustrated,” he continued. “The West, Europe and the U.S., watched this killing go on for 22 days, as though they … Continue reading

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When you don’t pay ‘war taxes,’ is it ‘peaceful nonviolence’ or more like smug self-righteous religious complacency?

Monday night I got asked out of the clear blue sky at a meeting of self described ‘Peace’ advocates if I paid taxes? I was kind of drowsy from shift work I had just finished doing, and didn’t really consider … Continue reading

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Indian elephants fail to apply Gandhi’s theories of peaceful resistance

OK, this is a gratuitous commentary but don’t blame me for it, since I’ve merely overdosed on the religion from the Colorado Springs Justice and Peace Commission, a group supposedly dedicated to fighting US war making and not just for … Continue reading

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US and Britain are starving Zimbabwe to death

The so-called US government’s ZIMBABWE DEMOCRACY AND ECONOMIC RECOVERY ACT passed in 2001, began the US/ British efforts to starve Zimbabwe to death in a form of war called “Economic Sanctions.” This was a process similar to how the Clinton … Continue reading

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US corporations foist religious pacifism on Palestinians and not on Israelis

The US corporate community does big business annually with the Jewish Israeli military-industrial armaments crew to the tune of billions per year, but then turns around and funds religious pacifist values off onto the oppressed Palestinians! U.S. steers young Palestinians … Continue reading

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Gandhi and India’s ‘untouchables’

America’s Christian liberal pacifists have canonized Gandhi into being one of their Holy Trinity of Christian pacifist Gods. #1 Jesus, #2 Gandhi, #3 Martin Luther King… Almost all of these American pacifists, though, know little to nothing about Gandhi, the … Continue reading

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Join international fast Sunday 22 JUNE

Global Network activist Jan Tamas began a hunger strike against the plans to put NATO missiles in the Czech Republic. His action has precipitated an international day of fasting on June 22. Join us. (Diet for one day!) Notify Space … Continue reading

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The PPJPC and the old firehouse

When firehouses begin to rely on bake sales to make ends meet between fires, is it any wonder that when there is a fire, most of the crew is still best at baking cookies? So much so that interrupting the baking in order to address the fire becomes a fiscally objectionable idea. Continue reading

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January 20 march for Martin Luther King

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” -MLK   On Sunday, January 20, please join the PPJPC, and other local organizations, in the downtown march to commemorate … Continue reading

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The war on war

This is your president. This is your president on drugs. Any questions? Brought to you by the Partnership for a War-free America

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Make orgasm, not wargasm

Orgasm and the sense of well-being it brings – how would the planet be if it felt that good? Couldn’t that be one definition of Peace? Practice visualizing the planet experiencing the afterglow of a rousing orgasm and taking a … Continue reading

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Illogical claptrap, I mean really

I am simply offended by the Non-violent Communications adherents who will pout in tearful defensiveness at the abruptness of a verbal confrontation. How dare they, really? Theirs is an attack, literally itself, a violence upon integrity. It is a classic … Continue reading

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Is there life after SaveDarfur?

Update: Retired UN ambassador Lakhdar Brahimi is interviewed on BBC the World: Elder statesmen seek Sudan progress. If you can’t support the SAVE DARFUR call to arms, where does that leave you? Is there no “grass roots” non-profit think-tank network … Continue reading

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War decides who is left

I’m learning of a vulnerable schism among pacifists. There are pacifists like Gandhi and MLK, known as pragmatic pacifists, and principled pacifists emerged from the socialist school.   Pacifists up against the usual suspects need to ally, but their ideological … Continue reading

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Whose war?! OUR war!

At the demonstration last week to mark UFPJ’s Iraq Moratorium we marched from City Hall to the IVAW guard tower installation in Acacia Park. On the way we chanted a call: “WHOSE WAR?!” with the response: “BUSH’S WAR!” It was … Continue reading

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Loring Wirbel of CPIS on Al Jazeera

Citizens for Peace In Space consulted for an Al Jazeera discussion.

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Somalia- a US-made genocide in the making, tying it all in together

Even as the US spreads its intentional genocide into Somalia, there are naive US liberals vocally demanding that the US intervene yet more into Africa, to supposedly stop genocide, they say! Somalia’s main market for the whole country just burned … Continue reading

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President Ahmadinejad meets Jewish rabbis in New York

President Ahmadinejad meets Jewish rabbis in New York. Did you miss seeing this article in The Gazette and/or on the national network news? Here it is on World Network News if you follow the link and scroll down a notch. … Continue reading

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International Peace Day -reminders

There’s a vigil scheduled for Friday September 21st, the International Day of Peace, on Nevada Avenue and Kiowa Street downtown, from 12noon to 1pm. Bring things that say “peace.” The next evening everyone is invited to GIVE PEACE A DANCE. … Continue reading

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Student Zionist group, Hillel, and Darfur

Hillel, the US’s most prominent student Zionist group, is actively pushing for US intervention against and into Sudan. On their web site which passes itself off as progressive and green, you will not find any concern for the people of … Continue reading

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Why I don’t like ‘Ike’

Many in the Colorado Springs Justice and Peace Commission seem enamored with Eisenhower, and even wear caps with ‘I Like Ike’ on them, and carry banners highlighting his one speech supposedly warning about the Military-Industrial complex. Far from warning us … Continue reading

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