Fibersure Feetballs?

Someone is advertising a fiber supplement on the radio, you add it to your dinners to have, not turkey, but FURKEY. No kidding! Not hamburgers, but famburgers, an imfrovement presumably.

Tofurkey was self-explanatory: turkey out of tofu, but I find Furkey to be just, umm, funky. The radio spots have a refrain of a feminine homemaker’s voice exclaiming the assorted meals as if echoed by her enthusiastic children. Each dish, now enhanced with fiber, donned a name fibered up with ff’s. For the life of me I cannot remember any of the apparently appetizing ones. Fork and Beans? Fam and Eggs? But I remember not salivating to this one: “Spaghetti and Feetballs!” Yum?

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