There is no war, Iraq is at peace

Peterson AFB counter-protesters August 2007
There had been a few harassing phone calls to the organizers of the SISTERS WITNESS AGAINST WAR event this week, so the counter- protesters who showed up were not entirely unexpected. It has been ages since we’d seen the other side on the sidewalk however. (Even this year’s Pridefest was unmarred by the usual picketers.) The Gazette reporter arrived just as all the sisters were wrapping up unfortunately, so the only photographs of the Peterson Hiroshima vigil in the Gazette will be of this crew.

The noisy counterpoint to our silent vigil had an interesting take on Iraq, and shouted to us that we were misrepresenting the truth to the soldiers driving in and out of the base. “There is no WAR! The war is OVER! Iraq is at PEACE! Our troops there are PEACEmakers! Support the TROOPS!”

Counter-protesters close-up

The Gazette won’t have the photograph of the sisters, filling both sides of the Peterson entrance:

Click for a larger view

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1 Response to There is no war, Iraq is at peace

  1. Avatar jonah says:

    Of course, the “War Czar” — General Lute… is just named that because even Karl Rove couldn’t say “Peace Czar” and keep a straight face, right?

    Ah, well, the Propaganda Commandoes will get their chance soon enough.

    General Lute is saying now that we will HAVE to bring back the draft, and quickly.

    You know, those three young ladies look healthy enough to enlist…

    And Boot Camp will run the “chub” right off of them.

    But they probably have Prior Commitments, it would have to be somebody who “supports the troops” by actually BECOMING the troops…

    I coined a new word, YellowPhant n. Synonym for Chickenhawk, see also Les Freres Romney, et pere aussi.

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