Undercover provocateurs unmasked

Canadian police caught, rock in hand, trying to incite riot among protesters at the Bush visit.

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6 Responses to Undercover provocateurs unmasked

  1. Editor Editor says:

    Undercover policemen wear same boots
    Canadian riot police shown here “apprehending” the undercover provocateurs are revealed to be wearing the same boots.

  2. Avatar robby says:

    what the hell , the cops obviously have quality boots with vibram soles while the person apprehended has a pair of clearly low quality boots , this is ridiculous

  3. Avatar jonah says:

    Look again, at the tread of his boots.

    No sign of wear.

    Those are NEW boots.

    They have lime green paint on them and duct-tape but they are the same.

    Same brand, make and model.

    Even, according to the wear (lack thereof) on the tread, the same age as the other COPS Jack-Boots.

    This is the second time in less than a week that people have tried to second guess the veracity of the photos, the other one was a guy who insisted that long-haired guys with beards were actually Regular Army.

    Again, those are not worn out cheap boots and they are exactly the same make and model as the boots worn by his PIG comrades.

    It would also pay to follow a few links and find where the Kommandant (my sarcastic word for him) of le Gendarmerie Quebeçoisie admitted that yeah, the guy WAS an undercover but that they felt justified in setting it up that way.

    Le Comandant also said that the group he infiltrated were forcing him to throw the rock. Even though none of them were found to have any weapons of any kind on them.

    Trying to debunk something the PIGS already admitted to doing is kind of futile.

    You win nothing.

    But thank you again for playing.

  4. Avatar jimbob says:

    You are a totally paranoid no-mind sH_T for brains. The boot shown is a very popular brand available to ANYONE! NO MIND! @#$()@

  5. Avatar jonah says:

    You sir, failed to read the links, any of them, including every newspaper and television broadcast (transcript) from Quebec where-in the police admitted, at the highest levels, that the photo was accurate, the ‘man’ in question Was In Fact An Undercover Police Officer,

    BUT, they refused to assign any importance to it.

    If you’re going to try to undermine reporting of such incidents why not start on the same page the police were ALREADY ON when that picture and the article here were published?

    You seem to be having some difficulty reading quickly, so I will write this slowly… The Cops Have Already Said The Person Under All That Domestic Pork Was In Fact Their Comrade, and then said “Yeah, he was one of us, so what?”

    They then shifted it to their own accusation, Unsupported by any video evidence, even Their Own, that the people who were infiltrated by this dude were throwing rocks. In fact the only person who even HAD a rock was the guy shown buried under his fellow pork.

    On the other hand, THEY want people to forget about it and wish the entire reporting of it would Just Go Away.

    So far it’s been dug out by TWO people just in the past two weeks.

    Now, a Paranoid would say that you were part of an organized effort to cover up for a Foreign Government,

    But then, you two guys are really really so far off even what the Official Story is that would show you’re not actually cops yourselves.

    You should wake Robby up and the two of you should go out to your car, and take your bumper off…

    I’ll explain that in a minute, meanwhile you’ll have to practice reading a little bit, M’Kay?

    You should then, since you’re already on the computer, go to Yahoo Maps or something similar, and locate your nearest police station.

    And the nearest Salvage Yard which has your particular make model and year of auto-voiteur.

    Go there and buy a replacement bumper and put it on your now-bumperless car.

    Then proceed to the police station and turn in your OLD bumper, the one which has that “Back the Blue” sticker proudly held on with Epoxy and painted over with clear acrylic so it can’t be taken off.

    Because, really, I’m sure that any professional organization would NOT want your backup.

  6. Avatar private says:

    it is mathematically almost impossible, that 2 different protesters AND the cop, aresting them all wear exactly the same kind of boots, same brand, all 3 pairs looking very new UNLESS all 3 belong to the same police unit, equipped with unified equipment.

    Summed up with the video shown upwards which indicates a “fake arrest” + the police report & quotes, its 100% proofed, that those guys were argent provocateurs, poice officers disguised as protesters to light up violent riots.

    greets fro germany

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