The Gazette and slander (libel)

Regrettable miniature body languageWhat a completely slanderous editorial the Gazette has published, suggesting that we peace marchers planned the police beating we received!
A couple of innocent circumstances find themselves at odds with such a conclusion. Number one, a good number of us can guarantee we would not have brought our children if we had known what the police had in store for us; number two, we parked our cars at the end of the parade route, which turned out to be quite inconvenient when we were turned back; and number three and without doubt a trump card, none of us brought video cameras! Have you ever seen a protest where every third participant did not have a video camera to document and/or deter police brutality? We had none! We’re now having to solicit video footage from eyewitnesses in the crowd to counter the official assurances that their conduct was above board.

That’s because our St Patrick’s Day message was not one of protest, but celebration. Look even at my preparatory efforts to organize the marchers! We wanted to be seen in a different light than protestors. Even in this atmosphere of war and fear, we are optimistic that mankind’s compassion for each other will prevail over war. As some seek comfort in the image of a blow-up marine on steroids, as a symbol of ass-kicking diplomacy, so we honor and want to project the principles of non-violence and peace.

Remarks are being made that the St Patrick’s Day parade was the wrong forum for a peace message. Ignoring the obvious Irish insurgent spirit, pray tell, what are any venues available to expressions of non-conformist views? In this pro-military, conservative town, there’s not a one. Otherwise we’re at the corner of Nevada and Dale on Mondays at noon, at Academy and Austin Bluffs on Wednesdays at three, and at the Fort Carson B-Street entrance every first Tuesday at seven. Have you got another opportunity to suggest? We’ll be there.

Admittedly young cops manhandling elders in front of impressionable children opened eyes less about the war in Iraq, than to the rapidly diminishing civil rights of ordinary Americans. Now everyone’s privilege to voice their opinion appears in jeopardy. We’re fighting for what, overseas? Freedom?

We didn’t march to change your mind about the war. We marched to encourage the majority of the American public who are against the war in iraq, to come out from behind thugs like you who’ve monopolized the street and airwaves with your pro-war, pro-violence message. We’ve seen the shift already as we hold our banners every week curbside, we get far more honks of support than signs of disapproval. The parade would have been a wonderful way to elicit that sentiment in front of everyone on main street. That is perhaps why your type wouldn’t allow it.

The cause for which we marched received a lot of attention as a result of the police over-reaction. But it wasn’t due to our planning, or our preparations in full view an hour before the event began. It wasn’t due to our obstinance in response to being told our permit was revoked, or being ordered to turn away while certain among us were being brutalized. The attention the marchers have received has been entirely due to the city parade organizers’ actions to silence us and the police department’s decision to be violent.

This is how you take fascism down, by showing the politicians, businessmen, chest-beaters and their backers, that they do not have the support of the people. That the common people do not share their zealousness to beat dissenters over the head with the flag. Step aside you goons and conformists, the American People want their country back.

4 thoughts on “The Gazette and slander (libel)

  1. The Gazette knows who the mysterious supposedly private individual is that handed out parade permits to the people. He is a long term promoter of military parades and air shows in Colorado, who has been heavily subsidized in his actiivties by the city of Colorado Springs and the US federal government. In short, it is our tax dollars that went to organize much of the St Patricks Day activity. I will be publishing information shortly about the organizer and his links to government.

    It is sheer pretense that the city is using when it says that the ‘organizer of the parade’ asked the city cops to have us removed. Th ‘organizer of the parade’ is basically the city of Colorado Springs itself.

  2. Very nice write Eric. Last paragraph is so true.

    As for the Gazette dyslogic, it’s almost akin to the old if you get raped you were asking for it. I guess when the bullet hits the brain, it’s the corpse’s fault for not ducking.

    If anyone subscribes to this paper I hope it’s for counter-intelligence only as that certainly seems their mission. They are counter any forms of intelligence in their bias. While all journalism has right to some bias, all journalism stoops low at stories like this.

    I’m going to renew my National Enquirer subscription. It’s better for local news. Friggin’ aliens! Where DO you come from?!?

  3. That would be the true reason the parade was moved from the Westside to Downtown. Get more army and air force people into the crowd, fewer people who are more progressive and tolerant.

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