$35,000… for a Tanning Bed…

Last summer, at the BEGINNING of the Real Estate Crash… there was a house (too late, it’s been bought) right across 23rd street from the Goodwill processing center for $10,000.

A FOUR BEDROOM HOUSE in a decent neighborhood, near shopping, schools, the Rocky Mountains all that… for ten grand.

And the lady who wishes to be President in charge of Vice for the United States, running on a platform as a Fiscal Conservative, blows more than three times that for a Tanning Bed.
That ain’t all that blows, apparently.

Hey, Ms Palin, there’s millions of Americans who don’t make 35K in TWO years wages.

Who’s out of touch with the people? YOU ARE…

Who’s the Big Spending Pork Barrel with Legs? YOU ARE…

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2 thoughts on “$35,000… for a Tanning Bed…

  1. AvatarGoo

    Stipulated: that the Alaska Governor installed a personal tanning bed is hardly on the level of importance of her policy stances and record in public office. But like a previous national office aspirant’s $400 haircut, it’s the sort of fact that can become emblematic of a larger narrative about inauthenticity, insincerity and overblown claims of “everyday people” street cred that have been floated by the McCain-Palin campaign about its newest member.

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