A few bad Nazis spoil the whole bunch

Shoulders dislocated by hanging and the torturer jack boot on his neck
Were the atrocities committed by the Nazis found to be systemic, or were their brutal tortures ultimately credited to a few really bad apples?

3 thoughts on “A few bad Nazis spoil the whole bunch

  1. It was common in German army to do atrocities, especially for SS and Waffen SS formations.

    Hitler endorsed total murder of civilians including little children.

    E.g they would dump hundreds of polish children in ditch, pour gasoline and burned them. Those who tried to climb out, were kicked in the face.

  2. Every Nazi and those who supported the Nazis are guilty of atrocities. The blood on their hands will never wash off. That blood is now on the hands of their children and grandchildren. Forever.

  3. Let’s not forget the concept. The condemnation of the Nazis who committed the atrocities, and those who didn’t actually get their hands dirty, mirrors the lack of condemnation of War Crimes and crimes committed by the Police State today in the name of “freedom” and “america”. And God.

    The Nazis used the saying “Gott Mit UNS” meaning “God is on OUR side” and many of the Top Dogs in their organization made the statement “Germany is a CHRISTIAN nation!” But any war crimes committed by “our” troops or “our” police are the work of a few bad apples. Nothing to see here, citizen, keep moving, nothing to see.

    And the fact that the Bad Apples aren’t taken out of the barrel, at all, ever, kind of sort of disproves the notion that the Bad Apples are some sort of aberration.

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