Fog of War is not Fog for War Crime

Special Forces extra-judicial execution of Partisans who fought the invading Germans
No pictures have yet emerged of what the 595 A-team Fifth Special Forces did with the captured Taliban at the mass graves at Dasht-e Leili. The BBC documentary Massacre at Mazar reports that an Afghan who sought the reputed black market video evidence was beaten by Northern Allied warlord men and left for dead.

In late November 2001 at the battle of Kondutz, several thousand surrendering Taliban promised amnesty, were loaded at Qala Zeini fort into thirteen unventilated shipping containers, bound and blindfolded, some hogtied, and transported to to Sheberghan prison where their dead bodies poured out like fish. US special forces directed the containers be taken to the desert where the bodies were spilled into trenches. Witnesses report that the dozen US soldiers killed those Taliban fighters who emerged alive.

5 thoughts on “Fog of War is not Fog for War Crime

  1. Dasht-e Leili and the leveling of Fallujah are 2 US war crimes that will go down with My Lai and the leveling of Panama in our long national book of shame.

  2. then there was GulfWarz 1, where Dubya’s Daddy ordered (or in a case of criminal neglect didn’t know about) the burying alive of a whole shitload of Iraqi conscripts, the same ones he was earlier boo-hooing about because they were “Child Soldiers”.

    Of course Dubya is in violation of the same General Assembly Resolution against using children as soldiers, but it doesn’t have any force of law (according to Dubya) because the United States vetoed the mirror Security Council Resolution.

    Listening to or reading the words of the ChickenHawk Regime as they excuse and defend and/or deny their crimes, is enough to make you dizzy.

  3. “Witnesses report that” what witnesses, apparently everyone but the americans were killed?

  4. Northern Alliance, other “coalition” members, the Army’s statement (before the story was buried) that the “missing” prisoners had been let off the transport train somewhere along the non-stop-journey way, and when they were called on THAT piece of Bullshit lie they said that any of the prisoners who died en route were mortally wounded to begin with.

    After the question was asked why exactly they would mix “mortally wounded” Human Beings charged by the Army with the heinous crime of defending their own fucking country, in with the other prisoners on the transport train who have since been held in captivity and under torture and other forms of duress, and denied even the status of POW….

    But after their statements about the prisoners Who The Pentagon ADMITTED Died In Transport were challenged, modified then challenged again, the Army clammed up about it and haven’t made any more statements for 9 years.

    I guess that’s one of those “revelations” that would be TREASON to mention, right?

    The Bush Administration denied any wrongdoing in treating essentially prisoners of war that way. They didn’t, however, deny that they HAD done it. Instead made excuses for their crime.

    Essentially, under the Pentagon Narrative, the crime took place but they don’t consider Unlawful Combatants People Resisting An Unlawful Occupation of Their Country to be human beings with any level of rights. It’s that attitude that now shows itself in their response to OTHER revelations of how they’ve conducted the “American” portion of the war.

    Free Bradley Manning. No, I mean REALLY free, and demand that the PENTAGON provide the evidence they literally buried.

  5. The Pentagoons, meanwhile back in DC, are expecting another 37 BILLION dollars to fall into their pockets. Telling the Senate that not giving them more of their Purina PIG Chow would be treason and the betrayal of “the Troops” about whom the Pentagon and other warmongers care Not One Damned Bit in the first, second, third and all the way to the Last place.
    The Senate vote is expected by this afternoon, and it’s already almost noon in Washing Tundy Sea. Will the Senate do the patriotic thing, for the first time in like, forever? Or will they do what the War Industry Lobbyists pay them to do and fork over more bread?

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