Call out Alliant Techsystems & CACI too

ATK is chief supplier of poisonous Depleted Uranium
Other military industries complicit in war crimes in Iraq have offices in Colorado Springs at Academy and Fountain Blvds.
ATK Alliant Techsystems is the leading supplier of Depleted Uranium, which is poisoning the Iraqi populace as well as our soldiers. Ft Carson vets who father children with birth defects will know whom they can hold responsible.
Interrogators at Aby Ghraib were supervised by CACILikewise, CACI International provides “security solutions” to our boys overseas. Celebrated, ie leaked, examples were the torture methods employed at Abu Ghraib.
To be fair, abuses at Abu Ghraib were also administered by Colorado Springs neighbor TITAN CORP, now L-3 Communications Titan Group.
Isn’t it amazing that so many culprits of Iraq atrocities are represented in Colorado Springs, at ACADEMY AND FOUNTAIN?! Our visit on Tuesday will be straight into the midst of these callous profiteers.

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  1. Avatar tom says:

    Check out – the website of a group that has held a weekly vigil outside Alliant’s corporate headquarters since 1996.

    In addition to depleted uranium munitions, this company has or currently supplies cluster munitions, the ‘next-generation’ landmine, all three rocket motors for the first strike Trident II nuclear missle and the first stage rocket motor for the Minuteman III ICBM.

    ATK is also the sole supplier of small caliber munitions to the DoD. Over one and a half BILLION bullets a year!

    Check it out!

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