Crying while eating

You’ve done it. I’ve certainly done it. Sitting down for a bite to eat, suddenly overcome by emotion. “My GOD. What has my life become?” Or “Why, oh why, are we making WAR when we should be making LOVE?” Or, in my most recent case, “Why the HELL do I spend half my life doing things I HATE?”

Perhaps you were already crying but, through your tears, saw last night’s leftover lemon chicken and just could not resist.

Do not despair. We are not alone. Plenty of good people, people just like us, cry while they eat. The difference is that they have the presence of mind to capture it on video.

“We must moan while eating,” answered Pecuchet, “for it was by this path that mankind lost its innocence.” ~ Bouvard and Pecuchet, Gustave Flaubert, 1881

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