Does it really need repeating?

ATF today announced arresting White Supremacists in Tennessee for plotting to kill Barack O… And Other prominent Black Citizens and leaders.
…can make you really really tired…

2 thoughts on “Does it really need repeating?

  1. What bugs me is, there’s only two of them.

    Strictly amateur hour too, the dumb bastards were planning to rob a gun store to arm themselves.

    They were also planning to shoot up a predominantly black high school.

    Problem with it is, the entire “Kill Obama” movement isn’t any kind of coherent plot.

    No Central Command, no nest of them that you could at least cripple the plans by busting them.

    That’s the kind of anger McCain and Palin have been deliberately building their entire platform on.

    “Vote for Us or the Obamageddon will get you”

    Angry and Mad are used interchangeably in American slang, but while Anger can lead to Madness the two are not the same.

    And they’ve passed from the former to the latter really damn quickly.

    There’s not enough Mental Health care available to cover it.

    Another legacy that Bush simply made worse.

    And, it doesn’t end with just targeting one person, or one party.

    Their foaming at the mouth rage has led already to hate crimes we would have been shocked to see a generation ago.

    A college classroom, then the gunner walked next door and did another classroom.

    Day care centers, shopping malls, churches, mosques.

    People whose bullet-ridden bodies might be discovered as skeletal remains a decade from now by boy scouts.

    These guys, they were just like the oversized pimple characteristic of Bubonic Plague at the outset.

    They’re a symptom and not the disease.

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