Ted Stevens guilt at most embarrassing

sarah-palin-ted-stevensAlaska Senator Ted Stevens was found guilty on all seven counts of felony corruption charges. Says Reuters, it’s “a verdict that could endanger the Republican’s political future.” That’s all, for betraying the public trust? Though each charge carries a max five year sentence, reporters predict that Stevens will face only probation. And while Governor Sarah Palin issued a statement denouncing the culture of corruption in the Alaskan oil business, she stopped short of asking for the senator’s resignation. It’s thought neither will the US Senate. What is the point then of catching politicians red handed?

1 thought on “Ted Stevens guilt at most embarrassing

  1. Ex Black DP mayor of Detroit, Kwame Kilpatrick, got 4 months for lying about his love affair to a jury, while White RP Ted Stevens gets convicted of 7 felonies and stays out of jail to run again for his seat in the Senate! Oh how un color blind is ‘justice’ in America! But then again, doesn’t ‘KWAME’ sound like a Muslim name while ‘TED’ sounds more Christian? He’s lucky to not get ‘waterboarded’… That word means TORTURED, for you nitwits out there.

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