Eight Belles euthanized

Eight Belles euthanized at Kentucky Derby
Tragedy today at the Kentucky Derby.

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  1. Avatar Major George Hutton says:

    Yo Marie,
    Sad end for such a wonderful animal. But the way I understand it, it they did not kill it then the insurance would not pay for it. Thus they would have to pay for its feed & care. Did hear that the damage was so bad that killing it was best for it. Still money first for some folks. Sad end for the horse. Too bad there was no other way.

    Been nice discussing things with you, Marie but Tony, BJ and Eric wish me off this net. Can’t handle the truth. But I knew it was coming, they have tried to censor me before. Wish you a good like & keep such info such as this in the light. May be someone could have saved the horse but no insurance money if they did. What a world.

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