A push polling pop-up from PollingPoint

I just found this pop-up beneath my browser window. It purports to ask which candidate I favor. Do you sense which one PollingPoint favors?

Let’s work our way from the outside in.

Barack Obama is pictured in the light of a harsh flash, as if snapped at night. It probably resembles photographs you might have of friends or coworkers at a party or on the town. Though we’re looking at him at eye level, he’s looking down at someone. He appears to be laughing. His glassy eyes match the suggestion that he is also sweaty.

The picture of Hillary Clinton is taken from even closer, and it captures her reaction in a personal exchange. Clinton’s unguarded expression is incongruous by being not so flattering. Her lined face betrays concern, if also worry. The intimate proximity, our slight height advantage, and the soft home/office lighting, subvert the deference we would otherwise grant Clinton’s celebrity as former First Lady and potential presidential nominee.

Both Obama and Hillary are facing center left. Ready to receive them is Poppa McCain, facing squarely right.

John McCain is shown in a glow of stage lights. We are at his feet looking up, and from a regal distance. In fact he is holding us off with an upraised hand as he smiles confidently watching the Democratic rivals.

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7 Responses to A push polling pop-up from PollingPoint

  1. Avatar The 13th says:

    I thought this doinky excuse of a pole favored Hillary since she’s flanked by adorning eyes. Either way it’s really a bingo card pretending to be an election interest. B-4 and after, once the chips are played we’ll all go back to agreeing it’s not bingo but Monopoly.

    As one could guess, Zedo sponsored the pop up.

    Zedo is an abomination to all things reasonable on the internet. If they have any interest in politics I’m sure it’s only because they can relate to the pickpocket ethics required to make the rub.

    Deep in the harbor of the United Status Symbols of America stands the belabored Miss Liberty – forever holding the closed book of Justice. If we were to see inside that book we’d probably find it to be nothing more than an accounting ledger.

    Like many, I think this two party menage-a-trois is a clever way of convincing Americans that choice is beyond their skills and needs. Donkeys and Elephants will always be followed by Citizen Broom and the Dump Bucket Brigades. Merde!

    – The 13th Write-off

  2. Avatar Major George Hutton says:

    Yo the 13th,
    Your French is something else. On your level too. What do you favor? A 3 or more party system or a one Party system? Closed book of justice – you say. If true why are you till here? Guess that disproves your idea. But you are correct – far too many Americans vote woman or black when they should find out who stands for what. Too hard on you folks, huh?

  3. Avatar The 13th says:


    Whenever someone uses words like “you folks” I know they want to put mud on my welcome mat. Don’t you think it’s a bit assumptuous to group my two brief comments in as a totality of belief knowing I am mostly a reader here like yourself?

    I also see you aren’t keen on analogy or my poor writing, otherwise you’d understand that equating justice to an accounting ledger is not a disbelief in either – just a reckoning of that which affects the scales of governmental justice – which is money and bias. I’d explain this but it’d be taxing to others….

    You ask why I am here?! I’m not un-American so much as concerned as you are per your own beliefs. If said usage of Freedom of Speech deems me un-American then I really do think it’s time for soldiers such as yourself (…oh wait, Major is just a title. Pardon. Call me Reverend 13 so we can keep arbitrary entitlements in full view too.) …Anyway, I think it’s time we ask ourselves as citizens both here and globally – just what our beliefs really mean – which is why i enjoy this forum in part.

    Lastly, you must have a crystal ball to declare that far too many Americans vote woman or black. Last time I checked this election has yet to happen, and no poll is a vote.

    Yeah, it gets hard to generalize what other people are going to do – and more difficult when others portend to know. Some call that prejudice. Whatever it is – it’s not imaginative, and certainly defeats the point of thought’s optimism.

    – General 13, generally speaking, and sometimes known to talk to animals, too.

  4. Avatar Major George Hutton says:

    Yo Rev 13,
    Sorry, did not mean to sound mean. I too, am here to discuss & hopefully learn (bit on the hard headed side myself, I mean) but will to try. Nope, ’tiss not un-American to express oneself in a respectfuly – forcefull – decent manner. Please again excuse me, discuss on.

    As for the women vote women, black vote black, this has been noted by many during the DP race. Call it prejudice or whatever, just I feel you should vote for the person who will do the best for our people, nation & then the world. I am not a citizen of the world but do hope some day in the future our race – human race – will grow up and become one. War will be a loser of the past and peace for all, along with food, shelter, medical care AND education. Goal being to improve earth life (animals, birds, fish & all). That world government is small as people educated to the point that “do unto others as you want done to you” may be silly to some but to me it is a good goal. Do understand there will always be evil in the world, at least for many years down the road so a police/military force will always be necessary.

    Rev 13, ever read ‘Starship Trooper”? The idea is good. I tend to hope for the best, work for the best but always be watchfull in case evil pops up.

    Be interested in your views beliefs are if you are willing to inform me.

    your favoright neocon, retired army combat officer & Texican

  5. RJJr RJJr says:

    you guys need to put this troll in a leash!

  6. Avatar The 13th says:


    On one level I agree with the “do unto others”, per etiquettes, and even then sometimes my mood slips from better graces when feeling tried.

    But to be honest, overall, I prefer Shaw’s adage – “do not do unto others – as your tastes may be different than theirs.”

    So to follow that credo (and my own instincts) sometimes silence IS the better reply.

    No George I am not posting all my political opinions here for your amusement. I am not keen on blogging as method of polishing/displaying my amorphic adaptivity and/or ignorances. I have tried and over time, I have found that I usually regret everything textual that I’ve posted online – whether political social satire or otherwise.

    So, for my own tastes, if you will, I am more contented to read, George, and to usually try to read without moving my lips when the words are fairly stated, or passionately expressed. I let the NMT writers do their thing, and if something they write strikes my own understandings with too much ease I politely remind them they are near slumming. 🙂

    Granted, now and then I raise my hand when I feel the need to pee. For sense of purpose I occasionally try to help dogs piss in their own yard if they think the Bush is worth sparing, George.

    ….Yes, of course I believe we need police and military. We need them to be accountable trained reasonable and of service to the populous. But to answer your question is another digress into another assumption you’ve implied, George. If you don’t like my French, why do you keep putting your tongue in my mouth?

    I’m only replying so as to part agreeing to disagree, not attempting to “do unto each other” any further, as it’s hardly doing onto anything or anyone except wasting time, adding further sidelines for further inference, and that’s boring.

    We agree on Hope – but not how to preserve it. Maybe it’s prejudice, but I think there’s more Con than Neo in too much rhetoric and assumption, and, at best, it makes me squirm. For bladder or worse, that’s how I feel and why, Mr. Hutton.

  7. Avatar The 13th says:

    I feel bad now that George has taken over the polls here at NMT. It reminds me how easy it could be to add the other George to these polling photos and have a re-election rather than a future.

    Today in the re-run department of the news I read that the Jon Stewart Show is (once again) being compared with the O’ Reilly side of extremity. Yet Jon Stewart himself debated that his own responsibility is to comedy not politics. Still, our populous would rather be informed by the clowns or accuse the clowns rather than the journalists.

    Which leads to even more despairing news…. Alec Baldwin is considering politics.

    God bless ya, George, whereever you are. Remember if there is hope for Alec, there is hope for you and me.

    Ready or not, here I come! – Pope 13

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