Goodbye, Pervez Musharraf

pervez— — — Musharraf
“running out of time”

Can you believe that this US puppet thug is still in office? It’s time for him to go home to the US or Britain and The Empire he has served up his own people to. Good Bye, Pervez! Getting rid of you is the first step for the people of Pakistan in ridding themselves of the American Neocons and their liberal Democratic Party Pentagon apologists who currently run their country. He will become another criminal ex-dictator quite possibly living on American shores.

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  1. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Tariq Ali, Pakistan’s most famous Leftist says that Musharraf my well be going out, but that the US controlled Pakistan army is still calling the shots in Pakistan. Here is his commentary in the LA Times..,0,1621240.story

    In other words, look for a military coup quite soon in Pakistan to reinstall direct control once again over the national government.

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