Here comes McCain Son of Frankenstein

President Bush gives his blessing to John McCain on the same day
Hillary Clinton drops the suggestion of a Democratic double ticket.
Suddenly Election Race 2008 comes into quick focus: I’ll wager
Red State White Vet to win, woman with black rider to place.
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  1. Avatar Jonah says:

    Yeah, they’re going with the “known quantity” argument.

    “hey, the Democratic party is willing to talk TO the people rather than DOWN to them, but that’s just pandering, WE have consistency on our side, at least you KNOW FOR SURE what our positions are and our policies are going to be”

    Maybe the D’s “pandering” is a subtle acknowledgement that they actually do owe every success to the people, and not to “their leaders”.

    Maybe. I could be wrong, but we do know for certain what the Known Quantity candidate is going to do, if he’s allowed.

    He points out that he’s had decades of experience in the Political Arena and has consistently voted his conscience. Only his conscience, as he shows routinely, allows for killing, enslaving, imprisoning, torturing and denying basic human rights… and that’s just to AMERICANS, you should see his policy toward “furriners”.

    He’s made it abundantly clear, through his actions past, present and projected, that Nothing Will Change under “his command”.

    The R’s and Ms Clinton say that Obama wouldn’t be a good “commander”.. well excuuuuuuuusssssee meeeee… most Americans aren’t in the military. We don’t actually NEED a commander.

    The Known Quantity is well, known… and Well Known.
    It’s like having a supplier selling you product by the pound and consistently trimming a half ounce or more off each pound of the product.

    You buy a box of roofing nails that’s supposed to weigh 17.5 pounds and it consistently comes up only 15 pounds (a thousand nails short) you go shopping at a different store.

    Screwing the Customer only works as a business plan if you happen to be a prostitute. A real one, not the metaphoric kind like Senator Sell-us-out.

    for everybody else it’s considered Remarkably Bad Business practices.

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