Just say no, Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin familyExactly who is John McCain pandering to by adding Sarah Palin to the ticket? Talk is that he’s hoping to hook the evangelical crowd, but he’s obviously missing a few key bits of information.

Conservative Christians do not put their women in positions of authority over men. Ever. In my former church, women were not allowed to preach to the general congregation because this was seen as unbiblical, and a condescension to their male counterparts. Believe it or not, they aren’t even permitted to lead the “praise and worship” musical segment of the Sunday service for the same reason. Jezebel can forget about the support of evangelical males.

As for females, they present an even peskier problem. Christian women have strong opinions about the roles of wife and mother. In my experience, few evangelical wives are employed full-time outside the home. Their lives are about rearing godly children and glorifying their husbands. Many consider themselves helpmates, subordinate to their husbands and the church. They are not going to view Sarah Palin as a sister in Christ. She resembles a Biblical harlot, not a Proverbs 31 role model.

There is a nonreligious unbridgeable gap here as well. In case you hadn’t heard, there is an ongoing feud between stay-at-home mothers (SAHMs) and women employed outside the home. The SAHMs claim the moral high ground in the area of child-raising and husband-tending, while the working women, especially those in traditionally male-dominated professions, cling to feminist values of independence, equality, and self-actualization. Ms. Palin — the working woman who calls herself a soccer mom — may strike both camps as an imposter. And many women, regardless of work status, will wonder why Sarah would leave five children, including a special-needs infant, to be used as a pawn in a good-ol’-boys ploy.

I feel sorry for Sarah Palin. She’s being used as hastily begotten arm candy to pretty up an ugly ticket. Things won’t go well for her this election season. In my opinion, she should have refused McCain’s offer. She should have thanked him for the honor of being asked, and then used the national spotlight to showcase who she really is. Not the life preserver he’d like her to be.

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41 Responses to Just say no, Sarah Palin

  1. Avatar Val says:

    I agree that she should NOT have accepted this candidacy…she has an underage pregnant daughter whom she and her husband should be protecting…instead their daughter and her boyfriend are cast into the limelight whether anyone likes it or not,sorry..that’s the truth. How sad that a parent would do this to their daughter…what poor judgment! Also it is poor judgment on McCain’s part to knowingly choose a running mate with a family matter to deal with such as this. An unplanned, underage pregnancy is NOT what we hope for as parents for our children…it is sadness. But it is a family matter and should be a private matter, not one talked up to be a “blessed event.” Horrid.

  2. Avatar Maggy says:

    I don’t care if her daughter is PG. I don’t crae if she banned books. I don’t care if she is close to Russia. I don’t care if said no to a bridge and kept the money. She gives me the creeps. If anyone can not see that McCain picked that little Tina Faye look-a-like for his own selfish interest they are just nuts. The Pubs crept out the back door, put a nobody woman in Barbie Doll clothes and came around the front and expect us to vote for 4 more years of George Bush. Hello? Is there anybody out there?

  3. Avatar Bethie says:

    Though I am all for a woman in office of such importance, I am not for Sarah Palin. I am a firm believer in women and I am a firm believer in family. IT ALL BEGINS AT HOME. She can’t even run her own life how can she run all of ours? When I saw Sarah Palin hold a 4 month old baby at the RNC and then found out the little one had Downs and on top of that another baby was entering her life the only thing I could believe in was that this female should become a great role model for all women and turn this nomination down. She has no business moving forward as a leader of our country when she is running away from her responsibilities at her own home. Wake up America! I have not even begun to write about why Sarah Palin is a mistake for our country and I believe my first paragraph is enough.

  4. Avatar GoodToGoTees says:

    Palin is no Hillary. At least Hillary knows the system and had the best chance to make changes. McCain’s choice of Palin was to swing votes….a gamble that looks like it will fail.
    Check out the store link for “just say no to Palin” buttons and stickers.

  5. Avatar PolitixPoet says:

    Alaska has found power was hers to abuse,
    Yet Palin insists it was all misconstrued.
    Aren’t we tired of her lies?
    And her “Drill Baby!” cries?
    I can’t wait ’til November 5 when she is just old news.

  6. Avatar Pissed off Republican says:

    Get a life and start wining about more important things than picking apart Sarah Palin!!! She did not drag the fact that her daughter was pregnant into the media, the media dragged that up! Maybe if people would look at bible history better they would see that God has used many women to bring about GREAT things in this world and that does not just include having babies!!! People need to listen better and stop putting words in her mouth. Maybe if people would start listening instead of just being closed minded they would see, she may not be the most polished, but the most valuable diamonds are yet to be found! Does a politician ever say fully what they are about until they get into office. NO they are interviewed they answer questions and harp on issues that are going to rally the public in their direction. I’ve never heard one thing wrong with what Sarah has said in her interviews. All though I have heard her answers and comments twisted into lies to try and beat her down into the ground… Take off your blinders people and see what it is that God is trying to tell us by raising this woman up for such and hour as this!!!

  7. Avatar Marie says:

    I think God made his point crystal clear on November 4th.

  8. Avatar Pissed off Republican says:

    Now is the show me time…I don’t think God is even close to making his point, I think things have yet to unfold!

  9. Avatar jonah says:

    Yeah, would that involve Him telling Sarah Palin AND George Bush that there were WMDs in Iraq?

    If, as both Bush and Palin have described, God was leading the war on “terror”, why would God have lied to them and told them to attack Iraq based on those lies?

    Because, you know, accusing somebody of a capital offense, (Saddam WAS hanged,right?) in order to take his possessions violates quite a few of God’s Top Ten List…

    Theft, coveting, murder… oh Yeah, Bearing False Witness, that’s a good one.

    Now, if you are referencing your demented friends who think they’ve been commanded by God to Kill THEIR FELLOW AMERICANS, there’s a word for that…


    Another phrase would be “The American Taliban”.

    The girl has some serious Hate issues that have already led to the burning of a church in a suburb of Boston, the torching of a few cars and of course, random threats by anonymous punks who go to Non-Worship-of-Sarah-Palin websites and post leading statements to the effect that more attacks are planned.

    You should start smoking crack or sniffing glue instead, bubba, that Kool -aid is giving you some serious brain damage.

  10. Avatar jonah says:

    Oh, and while we’re on the subject of God’s Top Ten…

    there’s always Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain.

    Saying God commanded George Bush to have more than 4,000 American soldiers and a literally countless number of Iraqi civilians killed and that God commanded Sarah Palin to continue in the Murder Spree fits that form of Blasphemy rather neatly.

  11. Avatar jonah says:

    Then there’s this, if God were leading the War on Terror, why would God have chosen to draw them away from Osama bin Laden?

    Does God love the Taliban more than America?

    If Sarah Palin says we should judge Barack Obama based on people he’s met, then why would not Sarah Palin be judged as a Domestic Terrorist?

    Much of the “information” she and McCain spouted in the campaign was gleaned from Jerome Corsi, StormFront and other individuals and entities under the command of the Ku Klux Klan.

    Mrs. Palin owes ALL of us an explanation of THOSE ties, very concrete and very evident ties, to the single most violent and murderous Domestic Terrorism Group in American history.

  12. Avatar Pissed off Republican says:

    As far as what happened on November 4th that was the peoples will, and God will never force his will upon the people. And as far as all the stuff you wrote Jonah, I guess your ignorance is bliss…

  13. Avatar jonah says:

    Gee, thank you.

    How about them False Prophets?

    WMDs, a million pounds of Nerve gas…


    So, if Palin is “pro-life, but only for Americans” how does that make her Godly in any way?

    Say, were you the one who dumped the chunk of road-kill venison at the Obama rally a couple weeks back? The EPCSD is supposedly looking for the culprit…

    About as hard as McCain and Bush are hunting Osama bin Laden.

    With God’s help of course.

    As to George Bush being “placed in authority above us” you referenced a passage from The Book of Esther to that effect…

    You know, I sometimes wonder about that…

    Not about the notion that Kings must be obeyed lest we offend God, that part was written in by KING David or KING Solomon, both of whom had some really shaky claims to the throne…

    But how do you reconcile that with the notion that King George the Third of England wasn’t the Divinely Appointed Ruler of America?

    And, you know, the Klan are quite expert at quoting Scripture as well.

    You remember them, the ones who coordinated Mrs Palin’s Hate Campaign so well that it’s still going on?

    Only they go by the name StormFront in this case.

    Nothing like a little good old fashioned Blasphemy to enable the Hate Parade to continue.

  14. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    ‘As far as what happened on November 4th that was the peoples will, and God will never force his will upon the people.’

    Oh Brother! Where do people like you come from, PO? You and Michale can make some of the most cliched Right Wing bullshit lines without even having an inkling of how stupid this stuff sounds to any semi-sane person! If I was more cynical I would actually think that Eric is writing this shit (in the names of others) just to provoke a rise out of people? Hey I do think that even! Go figure?

  15. Avatar Pissed off Republican says:

    once again, get a life, yea my guy didnt win but I have never said anything bad about our pres.-elect, once again the spewing of the left wing winers comes out strong. Does not the bible say that he who judges shall be judged the same by my father?
    Did not Ruth become the crown of her kingdom? would not Sara Palins husband be proud of her?
    To me she is the proverbs31 role model people should read it before they Judge and then only one should judge and it not me.
    I may be upset and feel that we the people messed up on this one but the bottom line is Barack Obama is our president elect and on Jan 20th he will be our president.
    I feel sorry for you. your a hate monger and I will be praying for you why keep this going its useless. It takes over 500 people to run this country and people think that one person ran it down and made this mess sorry to say we put these 500 into office and they all made a mistake not one not two but all of them did….. including us because we elected them in the first place

  16. Avatar jonah says:

    Oh, P.O.R. , you can SAY in many words that you’re not really angry that your candidate lost…

    But your chosen name really puts the lie to that.

    And the number of people running the government is closer to a million.

    That’s on the levels of state and local as well, most of them appointed.

    Hell, even I had a couple of government paid jobs, one of course I got an Honorable Discharge and the other one I can think of immediately was cleaning up after the truly Piggish SUV drivers, working a Goodwill contract for the D.O.T. picking up trash.

    Even elected officials are rather heavily substantially more than 500.

    Ruth didn’t live in a Kingdom. Unless you count the Philistines, and some people do.

    Her great grandson David wasn’t even born in a Kingdom, that came when he was a youth.

    I’m not condemning her, incidentally, I AM, however, calling her to repentance for her blasphemy… and calling on her to for once be the leader she pretends to be, and call off her pack of Rabid Chihuahuas who think it’s a swell idea to Kill Americans, just by a coincidence the Americans she TOLD you aren’t real Americans and whipped you into a frenzy accusing us of being Terrorists.

    Yeah, I can see how we made a “mistake” not electing that kind of “leadership”.

  17. Avatar Pissed off Republican says:

    Sorry running the U.S.A. is I think around 526 elected officials and they are the ones that count.
    As far as getting angry that McCain didnt win yes I am.
    Sarah Palin is doing the same thing as ANY politician would do, even today she at the Republican Governor Meeting called for all Republican Governors to rally around the Pres-elect and help him get this country on the right track.
    Lets just say that we agree to dis agree on our choices of who should be leading this country and who we feel is the right person to do the job and we have very different views on how to interperate the bible, some see it as a weapon others see it as a love letter its their choice.
    By the way the media has had a love story with our new pres. ever since he decided to run for office, you watch a year from now the press will be nailing him to the wall and having people who voted for him screaming things like the Jewish people did when Pilot asked them what should we do with him?

  18. Avatar jonah says:


    McCain right now is in Georgia campaigning for Saxby Chambliss.

    That’s the same 5-Deferment Chambliss who mocked and otherwise attacked Max Cleland, who left approximately a third of his body mass in Viet-Nam, as being Unpatriotic for not supporting Bush’s war.

    Now he’s doing the same thing to Marine Corps Viet-Nam veteran Martin.
    Doesn’t sound much like the politics of hate there.

    I don’t know how reasonable and sane you are, personally.

    The fact of the matter is, a lot of McCain/Palin supporters most definitely aren’t.

    And it doesn’t help much that Palin for all practical purposes declared a fatwah against Obama, and still hasn’t shown the leadership to tell her followers to back down from it.

    Since the Republican idea of Good Citizenship is to play Follow the Leader she should actually, for the first time, display some leadership.

    So should McCain.

    Fortunately for the rest of us, the most demented of the reactionaries are holing up in their bunkers with shotguns pointed at the doors, and probably won’t come out until summer. Waiting for Obamageddon.

    Which isn’t a term the Left made up.

    If, as suggested by Fox News, they are the REAL respected media outlets in America and the most influential, then the “Media love Affair” would mean what, exactly?

    And, they’re still fanning the flames. Not much changed there.

    I wouldn’t imagine that you personally could have much influence on them, they’re kind of in a state where they believe themselves sole arbiters of the truth.

    Just remember, don’t believe the hype, yours, his mine theirs doesn’t matter…

  19. Avatar Pissed off Republican says:

    sure is nice to have freedom of speach if this was some other country they”d be tanning our hides by now. God bless America no matter who is running this country our forefathers got it right the first time around

  20. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Pissed Off, what makes you think that other countries don’t have ‘freedom of speech’? Many of them have it more than the US does in fact.

    Here, one can run their mouth off from the side of a street or a gutter about as much as you want, but you can’t be allowed any power unless you buy it. Is that what you call ‘freedom of speech’? I call it the freedom to not have much speech unless you can buy it, Dude.

  21. Avatar Pissed off Republican says:

    Its ok Tony and there are a lot of people in this country that dont pay a dime and take alot (your probably one of them) and expect more and still complain its still the greatest country in the world. Chick

  22. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    And who are all these people that take alot and don’t pay a dime in your learned opinion, Chick? You don’t know what you are talking about, do you?

  23. Avatar jonah says:

    Call out the names. Be specific.

    Don’t forget to tell us how you know it exactly.

    That would be nice.

    You know, it was pointed out before, but Sarah Palin has hyped her Fanatic Fringe up with the idea that if Obama won it would be the end of America…

    But she’s planning to run for Senator once her good friend and fellow Fraudster Ted Stevens gets kicked out.

    Might even be kicked out already, the votes are still being counted in Alaska.

    And Stevens is well behind.

    So far.

    And she’s also babbling about running for President of these United States.

    And saying that the Negative Campaign would have worked if they done MORE of it.

    If she’s going to continue claiming that the Holy Ghost is telling her that CRAP she’s either lying (blasphemously) or a lunatic.

    George Bush proudly upheld the convictions of people in Texas, had them put to death, (because God told him to do it) who had as part of the process determining the difference between Capital Murder and a Life Sentence undergone psychiatric testing.

    And one of the delusions that pushes the Death-o-Meter dial over to the Capital Side is the belief that God instructed the killer do do his evil deeds.

    I guess “by the same measure with which ye judge, will you also be judged”


    “sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander”


    “eye shall go for eye, tooth for tooth and life for life”

    …they all get pushed out the ol’ Theological Window.

  24. Avatar jonah says:

    Pretty cool that she doesn’t believe her own hype about the Obamageddon thing, eh?

    She told you America would come to a violent end and there wouldn’t be any more elections or anything similar if Obama got elected, but she’s planning to run for government, and…

    With her “extensive” knowledge of civics and constitutional powers she actually believes she’ll be running the government.

    Don’t you feel the least bit soiled after being used like that? Not a trace of indignation that your party LIED to you and are now pretending the lie meant nothing?

  25. Avatar Pissed off Republican says:

    Both of you spew out your lies and hate without any facts dates quotes ect… that can be researched you just ramble on like your some kind of know it all machines that only spew out lies and hate you could take one word from someone like myself and run with it like it was my total life story and get soooo stuck on that you cant see a forest in front of the trees.
    You have a agenda and that is to wine cry and complain about just your agenda
    You BJ are real good at speaking YOUR mind but thats just it and it means much less to me than what is ACTUALLY going on in the world.
    TONY Iam not a DUDE and you are not worth talking to…….

    BJ your smart and seem to have alot going for you I wish you the best and hope that whatever happened to you with the air force goes away and you dont hate this country too much
    Like Tony said there are other countries out there that allow you to be this way maybe you and tony and the rest of you on this blog will like it there hey obama mom renounced her citizenship and her son is now going to be president who know maybe it could happen to you!

  26. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    What a bore you are, Peed Off R. When it comes down to the nitty gritty, you have nothing more to say than that tired old refrain of the Dunce Head Republican Right, ‘America, Love it or Leave it’.

    Sad thing though is that it is people like you who really hate America, just as you actually seem to hate most the world all the time. All you know is destruction, Chick. Get a life!

  27. Avatar jonah says:

    I love America enough to not run away from people who want to turn it into a Fascist Empire.

    It’s why I voted against 4 more years of Bush and his Failed Policies.

    Why I voted against him in the first two times he ran for president.

    Because he and his friends promised for 8 years before his first election that they would turn America into an Empire.

    Plus I got to see his policies in microcosm in Texas. It’s not like I’m uninformed or anything remotely similar, nor like I’m trying to misinform people.

    If you want to check some of the facts presented, start with: go to google or yahoo search, type in Chambliss Cleland Martin McCain.

    And I don’t see much whining, just working to keep freedoms we still have and working to restore some that were blatantly curtailed by Mr Bush, with the help of his friends like McCain and Palin and Chambliss.

    Recent experiences count for more than the 30 years since leaving the Air Farce (a Great Waste of Life)

    If you scroll up the page after reading this, there’s a picture of one Elizabeth Fineron on the left panel.

    She got beaten up by the Colorado Springs P.D. at the St Paddy’s Day Parade last year.

    At the command of the Colorado Republican Party and its henchmen.

    “only a little bit” according to Them.

    Which begs the question, just how many times is it acceptable to strike a little old lady who’s disabled and not actually assaulting or threatening to assault you?

    They snatched her out of the Bookmobile because she couldn’t climb out fast enough.

    Because she was Disabled. And 65 years old.

    I had just had an operation to fuse my right ankle and had to go to the doctor the next day to have a quick surgery to correct a very painful problem with that.

    But she was more disabled than I was.

    and I could ride my bicycle.

    So there was no question which of should ride in the Bookmobile.

    by the way, we had the license to march in the Parade. Guess Free Speech isn’t really a commodity the Republicans deem valuable.even when the “free’ speech cost money to buy.

    Be thankful there WAS an opposition to the Bush Regime. It could have been a lot worse without it.

    And there’s still a very real possibility of the Republicans staging a coup.

    Mr Bush has given himself the power to do so with no opposition from the Republicans in congress and precious little meaningful opposition from the Democrats in Congress.

  28. Avatar Pissed off Republican says:

    BJ I see your point and admire you for it but I to see a different side to the running of the government. I am a native american woman that saw what government does to our people by giving money to them, the lifestyle they led was not what I wanted and chose I to work hard and go to school and earn my own way.
    Now I live well, give to the charities I choose to give to and I dont have the government keeping me down like I saw as a child growing up. Freedom of choice to do and become what you want is why I am and always will be a republican, their values are my values, small government, protect the country, and with a little hard work and a lot of faith you can become and do anything you want, without the government getting in the way.
    So now at the age of 32 I own a home DRIVE Your Piggish SUV, I have Oil Wells in Colorado and nobody but god and myself got me there, I didnt ask for help nor would I receive it from the government there are more people in need than myself (like the lady in the wheel chair).
    I give to the charities of my choice and not who the government says I should and this new Admin. will take that freedom away from me they say time to spread the wealth, guess what I refuse to give what I worked so hard and sweated for to someone like TONY. How I tithe is mine and Gods business not the United States Government and my offering are the same, as long as I dont do anything to disgrace this country it will be my choice not the governments.

  29. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    That’s nice, Chica.

    ‘Now I live well, give to the charities I choose to give to and I don’t have the government keeping me down like I saw as a child growing up.’

    No doubt that the American government did mess Native Americans up, but Chica, without the American government that you revile so damn much as a Republican stepping in, the non-governmental Whites would have completely exterminated all Native Americans from this continent. You probably haven’t thought about that much, now have you?

    I might also add that without the US government stepping in we would still have slavery over Black people in this country, too. But I don’t think that you, as a Republican who hates government so much, have considered that either.

    You and others of the few ‘minorities’ that turn Rightward always really take the cake. There is not a drop of Native American authencitity that remains in you, “Chick’ (if in fact are a Native American as you claim to be???). All you have in your POV is nothing more than typical, pseudo ‘individualistic’ Right Wing pap, and at the core of it all is paranoia about somebody taking something away from you?

    ‘this new Admin. will take that freedom away from me they say time to spread the wealth’

    You are the type of mean spirited pseudo’ individual who helped vote down Proposition 51 all because 0.2 % more percent added to a sales tax already in place, all to help The Needy (the handicapped) out was taking something away from you. Like what?

    You are a rather pathetic example of an American, I think. Native American or otherwise… This is a sad country with so many clueless fools like you still running things into the mud.

  30. Avatar Pissed off Republican says:

    hey drop out stay there

  31. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    It seems that Chick the Republican is getting incoherent when faced with sad facts. Nothing unusual about this Republican!

  32. Avatar Pissed off Republican says:

    Your an Idiot, a waste of good air do the people a favor and just go away Maybe China or North Korea or North Vietnam those places you would have a ball at they are your kind of government that way you will be happy and not spreading the hate you have so deep inside of you about our country
    Just Leave

  33. Not “authentic”???? Like it’s not authentic if a young black kid from the ghetto decides to study and do well in school, rather than become a pimp or a pusher? (I guess B. Hussein O. isn’t authentic either).

    You hang in there, Pissed Off Old Republican Native American chick. Some of us DO appreciate you and what you believe in.

  34. Avatar jonah says:

    Think we could get our land back?

    I mean, using any of our strengths as individuals…

    The Republicans (mostly) put a very wealthy housing development in Garden of the Gods, it’s called Cedar Heights.

    One of them, who is credited with “founding” Colorado Springs when what he really did was move his business interests across Fountain Creek, has a statue of him on his horse at the corner of Platte and Nevada, right in the middle of the intersection where of course, things like a double-life-sized obstruction to line-of-sight navigation…

    Built a castle on the Garden of the Gods.

    How much help do you think the Republicans would be in our getting it back and giving the land back to well… the Land..

    Supposedly, nobody owns it. Not Public ownership nor Private.

    My Cherokee relatives have a tradition of land ownership. Even had an Empire which was the northeastern outposts of the Mayan Empire.

    Not all the nations have the good fortune to have been “given” lands that have oil on them.

    The “Tribal Welfare” the REPUBLICANS bitch about so much is actually rent on such acreage as The REPUBLICANS deigned to allow us to keep.

    Although I have been getting more and more into the Northern Medicine Path over the years.

    That no one owns any land, the land owns us all.The Republicans have also given vast tracts of Pike National Forest, even the parts that are Treaty land and supposedly held in trust far all the tribes by the Ute Nation, to lumber interests and people who wish to strip mine the mountains for Shale Oil.

    How much freedom do we, the people, have when we want to go to the forest? What if we cross a Security Zone set up around the land “leased” to the Earth Rapers?

    Have you tried to walk into the Pike National Forest from Manitou? I have. Was threatened with arrest for doing it, because the rich Republicans have claimed the lands around the national forest as their own.

    McCain and Palin have basically promised No Change in that situation.

    Maybe more protection to the Private Owners to keep the People off the People’s land.

    They want the entire Pike National Forest to be a publicly funded Private playground for themselves and their Nasty Little Silver-Spoon Brats.

    With Tort Reform, supported universally within the Republican Party, they define a Rich Man’s life as worth many times that of a Poor Man’s.

    The same with their opposition to Minimum Wage.

    The Rich can tell us that no matter how much it costs Us to produce Our labor, they can decide how much We can ask for Our Labor, and they have their PIGS enforce for them if we object.

    The Republican Platform was and still is that THEY have the right, given by God Himself, to TAKE foreign lands if those foreign lands have resources THEY want, like the oil.

    And that They can Kill anybody who objects, the same way they did with every Indian Nation in America.

    If you still want to pop off with your heritage giving you more right than me to speak of these things.

    The English “masters” like McCain and Palin and their friends claim the same privilege.

  35. Avatar Pissed off Republican says:

    Im not popping off on anything just giving you a back ground on who I am as a matter of fact, trying to get back what “is ours”, yes we are working on that right now in colorado they have ruled that the mineral rights should belong to the native americans and we are trying toget the oil companies that are drilling in that state to give the profits to the native americans so that they can have better health care and a better education system

  36. Avatar jonah says:

    Working on it right now through government actions.

    Actions which have been blocked for the past 11 years by none other than George Bush.

    See, one of the few powers the Governor of Texas actually has, is dealing with “indian tribes”.

    As governor he set in motion a constitutional challenge to the entire notion of Native Sovereignty. Based on a request to the “Great White Father” Bureau there in Washing Tundy Sea for the Tigua tribe of Ysleta del Sur in El Paso and the Alabamu-Coushatta of Houston to open casino gambling.

    Bush declared that as Governor of Texas he had sovereignty which trumped that of the native tribes.
    And filed a lawsuit that if not ultimately denied will strip Native rights.

    If you want to see a good example of that, there’s a sacred mountain in Tennessee, Chattanooga to be exact, that’s been taken by the state under Imminent Domain and given to a coal company for mineral extraction.

    In exchange for which the Coal company “promises” to clean up after they’ve essentially poisoned that area AND the Tennessee (river) – Mississippi (river) confluence and on down to the sea.

    In case you’ve been too Pissed Off for the past two weeks to pay attention, Bush signed several executive order to make it easier for Strip Miners to destroy entire ecosystems and not have to take any responsibility for the damage.

    The Coal Company promised also to reclaim the land and turn it into a Low-Rent Housing development and a state park.

    Oh, boy oh Joy, they’re gonna give us low rent housing AND a park for our kids … on a Toxic Waste Landfill. Man, that’s the gift that keeps on giving.

    It would also open the way for strip mining on the shale beds HERE.

    Which would leave absolutely NO drinkable water in this region… or anyplace downstream… which is the Entire Western Half Of The U.S.

    Including everywhere on the Mississippi from St Louis (the confluence point of the Missouri-Mississippi system.

    And it won’t make much difference who gets the money from it, we all would pay. The toxins don’t make any distinction between you or me or anybody else.

    Mrs Palin knows this damned well, the Natives in Alaska and northern Canada, and no doubt Russia and Japan too, have so high a concentration of toxins in their bloodstreams, from the fish, from the animals further up the food chain that eat the fish, etc etc…

    That the women can’t breast feed the babies.

    If you want a source for that one of my friends is a doctor working for the Canadian government, Andrea Dawn Wilhelm, and that was a project she was assigned.

    If you want to trust promises from those people you would have to do it without me supporting you in that decision, or even me being really nice about expressing my opposition.

    You can’t eat money. Nobody can.

    Do you remember the Revelation? There’s a part about the oceans and a third part of the waters of the earth being turned to blood… and the Angel said “for they have desired blood to drink, let them drink blood”.

    I’ll leave the interpretation of that analogy to you.

  37. Avatar Pissed off Republican says:

    Hey BJ. I like it alot more when you explain things the way you just did it come through alot clearer when your not throwing daggers at people, Your are very smart and can articulate your position very well. with what you just wrote you know people will read not be offended and really let it sink in thank you

  38. Avatar copy cat says:

    >>In my former church, women were not allowed to preach to the general congregation because this was seen as unbiblical, and a condescension to their male counterparts.

    There is no biblical example of women preaching. My church does not allow any person to preach, whom God has not called to do so. I could not preach in my church, because I have not been called to do so. This is a heavy burden, and many of the preachers I know suffer financial hardship for their faith (We don’t believe in passing the collection plate around every-other song :)). You cannot go to school to “become” a preacher, nor can you “choose” to become a preacher. Be dubious of any preacher who knows ,six months in advance, what he is going to preach on. God may “send” him sermons like that, but i believe it is rare.

    >>Believe it or not, they aren’t even permitted to lead the “praise and worship” musical segment of the Sunday service for the same reason.

    ANYONE should be able to lead such a service, because anyone is capable of praising God.

    >>As for females, they present an even peskier problem. … … … Proverbs 31 role model.

    Anyone who believes that the wife should be the equivalent of a willing slave, subject to the dictates of her husband, has taken scripture out of context.

    Most of the religions you are talking about, look at

    ephesians 5:22 “Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord.”
    and stop right there.

    They Ignore ephesians 5:25 ” Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it; ”

    which puts the husband in the role of servant, as christ leads his church , by serving it’s members.

    1 Timothy 5:8 “But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.”

    This scripture emphasizes that role. stating, strongly, that the needs of his family come before even his own needs. This includes physical, spiritual, and emotional needs.

    >>Conservative Christians do not put their women in positions of authority over men.

    This is simply not true. As far as filling church offices, yes, women are barred from holding either office, because there is no biblical precidence. Preachers must be called by God, and the qualifications for deacons are specifically stated in the bible. There are no other offices. As far as their role in the rest of the world:

    “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.” Galatians 3:28


  39. Avatar saved-by-grace says:

    AMEN COPY CAT! Thank you for addressing the numerous hasty generalizations in this article.

  40. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Not Quite, Grace. I went to Assembly Of God church in El Paso, Bethel Temple. They gave my mom a bunch of crap because she wore pants to cover some really ugly recent surgery scars while her legs healed. That would be AOG as in the same denomination that Sarah attends. The bit about women not being allowed to teach or even in some extreme cases to SPEAK in church, yes, that IS AOG doctrine.

    If Jesus came to El Paso or Colorado Springs or Wasilla today, the Good Pharisees would tell Him to get a haircut, a shave, a bath and a job, lose the donkey and not make any waves in THEIR Town. They would tell Him that in His own Name and the next week they would still lynch Him. And much as I hate saying it, some of the worst offenders lining up to scourge Him or drive the nails through His wrists would be members of the AOG.

    I’m also not very happy with the so-called Christians who say that poor people have to basically F.O.A.D, that we don’t deserve medical care. Right-to-life only applies to the Rich.
    Unlike my wife who died from constant denial of Medical Care under Reaganomics. You remember Reaganomics, right? The theories of “Give everything to the Rich and they’ll take care of their workers” and of course, Cut medicare, Cut social security, Cut Widows benefits, Cut childhood nutrition programs (Ketchup is NOT a vegetable) Cut Medicaid (that’s the one that killed Martha) Cut veterans benefits, start more wars that benefit only the rich and then cut the taxes on the truly obscene profits they make from those wars.

    By the way, ANY profit made from War or other versions of Murder is obscene. I don’t see how any of that would be too “generalized” for you to understand, the specifics in this post alone would keep you Google-busy for a couple of days.

    That Reaganomics is the same fraudulent distillation of Capitalism (Which JESUS spoke against) that the TeaBags and Ms Sarah are preaching as though it came directly from the mouth of God.

    Love thy neighbor as thyself usually isn’t interpreted as bombing the living dogshit out of their countries, killing as many of them as it takes to enslave the rest of them and then robbing them of whatever resources their country has to offer.

    Although Sarah Palin is striving mightily to change that.

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