How Obama should apologize about Lipstick, and why.

kind of a pictorial essay.

As to do I really believe he meant Sarah Palin is ugly, well, he didn’t say she was, McCain, however, jumped to the conclusion that somebody was disparaging her looks.

Why? Is he or she or both of them together that sensitive to the subject?

Must have hit a sore spot.

Let’s not forget that McCain used the Term Lipstick on a Pig first, to describe Hillary Clinton.

And said that Chelsea Clinton, who to my knowledge has never run for any elected office, was ugly, and that the reason was that Janet Reno was her father.

So why the sudden Knight in Shining Armor routine, and why does he automatically assume that Palin is the target of the Pig comment?

These questions and many more answered on the next episode of Doap…
Apology to McCain

Gentle reminder


Apology to real swine

an offended pig

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1 Response to How Obama should apologize about Lipstick, and why.

  1. Avatar Thomas Mc says:

    I predict Sarah Palin won’t pull her head out of John McCain’s ass until after they lose the election in November, then she will suddenly declare that she was trapped — trapped, I tell you! — into supporting McCain/Bush policies. “But, if we elect her in 2012, she will show us what a maverick she is …”

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