How the US helped out in Indonesia’s forgotten genocide of 500,000 dead

indonesia-klan.jpg We get fed so much bullshit all the time about how supposedly the US has always been this great beacon of light in the ‘civilized world’. But did you know that the US under Lyndon Johnson helped create a genocide that murdered at least 500,000 people in the island country of Indonesia? Yes, this was a MADE IN THE US genocide, People, and the Associated Press revisits the scene in this brief report online today. AP Exclusive: Indonesians recount role in massacre

So the next time some anti-Communist fanatic starts off about how communists supposedly always kill people wholesale, remember capitalist Indonesia. Remember capitalist Nazi Germany and capitalist WW2 Japan, too. Millions of people were murdered in the fight of these capitalist dictators against Communism. And remember, too, the United States of America which also murdered millions of people in that same fight by the international Business community against their own workers all over the world. Capitalism is a murderous system of rule by the rich, over the many poor. Yes, the US has been involved in many, many genocides in fairly recent times, and not just in the distant past.

4 thoughts on “How the US helped out in Indonesia’s forgotten genocide of 500,000 dead

  1. and how they gloated about it………..

    “McNamara went further, saying that US military assistance to the Indonesian army had “encouraged it to move against the PKI when the opportunity was presented.” Particularly valuable, he said, was the program bringing Indonesian military personnel to the United States for training at universities, where they learned the lessons they put to use so well”

    In mid-1966, well after the results were known, U.S. News & World Report headlined a long and enthusiastic story “Indonesia: `HOPE…WHERE ONCE THERE WAS NONE.'”

    Time magazine celebrated “The West’s best news for years in Asia”

    The leading political thinker of the New York Times, James Reston, chimed in under the heading “A Gleam of Light in Asia.”

    “In the Wall Street Journal, Barry Wain, editor of its Asia affiliate, described how General Suharto “moved boldly in defeating the coup makers and consolidating his power,” using “strength and finesse” to take total control. “By most standards, he has done well,”

    and how the “moderates” were rewarded for their effort…….

    “The successes of the “moderates” had been rewarded “with generous pledges of rice, cotton and machinery” and preparations to resume the economic aid that was held back before the “staggering mass slaughter” set matters right. The US “has adequate reasons of state to come to terms with the new regime,” not to speak of more than adequate reasons of profit.16 ”

    “There was no condemnation of the slaughter on the floor of Congress, and no major US relief agency offered aid. The World Bank restored Indonesia to favor, soon making it the third largest borrower. Western governments and corporations followed along.

    so whats the fuss, er, the corpse, all about ?

    coz “”the savage transformation of Indonesia from a pro-Chinese policy under Sukarno to a defiantly anti-Communist policy under General Suharto”: !!

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