Ice Cream rBGH opens a pint of worms

Not a pint sized can of worms
Looking for an organic source of dairy products leads inevitably to questions about the most substantive food items of the so-called food group: the fat-rich cheeses and ice creams. Where are the blurbs which eschew rGBH and talk of range-fed dairy cows?

Ben & Jerry are being prevented from using a NO-rBGH notice on their labels lest they infer there is something amiss with their competitors. No word yet of a cheese maker who wants to make the move.

1 thought on “Ice Cream rBGH opens a pint of worms

  1. This is another glaring example of the FDA pandering to corporate interests instead of safeguarding public health. Leading the charge are biotech companies who have launched major initiatives to keep us in the dark about genetic modifications and other assaults on the food supply. The bastards at the FDA are, of course, complicitors.

    From Ben & Jerry’s website:
    When it comes to labeling our products, Ben & Jerry’s has always believed that we should tell folks exactly what goes into the ice cream we make.

    For ten years, that means our pints have carried a message that begins with these words:

    We oppose Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone.
    The family farmers who supply our milk and cream pledge not to treat their cows with rBGH.

    Apparently, them’s fightin’ words. What a bunch of cowshit.

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