Ice Cream rBGH opens a pint of worms

Not a pint sized can of worms
Looking for an organic source of dairy products leads inevitably to questions about the most substantive food items of the so-called food group: the fat-rich cheeses and ice creams. Where are the blurbs which eschew rGBH and talk of range-fed dairy cows?

Ben & Jerry are being prevented from using a NO-rBGH notice on their labels lest they infer there is something amiss with their competitors. No word yet of a cheese maker who wants to make the move.

Is Otis misshapen by BGH or steroids?

Hermaphrodite bull OTIS of Back to the Barnyard
I’m not sure that’s an udder fastened like a diaphragm over the groin of computer animation’s favorite self-effacing alpha bull. While some may speculate that Back to the Barnyard is trying to normalize hermaphrodites in macho garb, a rugged outdoor transvestite perhaps like Eddie Izzard’s mannish executive transvestite. I rather think those are fat man boobs channeled from the King of Queens which come of human absorption of BGH, Bovine Growth Hormone, used for dairy cows, and I guess, our man cow Otis.

Not really. I think the rubber contraption is actually capping what would otherwise be prominent on a barnyard bull. And thus it is front and center, pink, thrust forward, often conspicuous by being just outside the frame, and what is it? A nubbly flesh colored bit of nothing. Otis, despite his gruff voice, is a eunuch, front and center, like Family Guy, Homer, Fred Flintstone and all of the South Park parents. Emasculated fathers, fatherhood figures without authority, least of all ownership, and with nothing on the fake masculine stereotypes of Hollywood and armed services commercials.