Hundreds of thousands of Pakistanis demand US get out of their country now!

Multiple hundreds of thousands of Pakistanis rallied today demanding the end of US government control over their country. Major speakers called for the execution of US military dictator and puppet, Pervez Musharraf. Mammoth anti-Musharraf rally in Islamabad By what right does the US government have to be calling all the shots in this huge Muslim country?

The people of Pakistan have rejected the US and the military dictatorship that the bipartisan gang of US criminals back. The US should immediately end its military operations in the region and withdraw our ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ back home, where they can be given productive jobs instead of being used as jailers and killers. These troops are bankrupting the US itself, even as they level entire regions of the globe.

We have a duty here in Colorado to protest the Democrats and Republicans who run this international aggression against other peoples around the planet. What are you doing to help? Get the US out of Asia!

Of note, the international imperialist press claimed that only several thousand people only had rallied! (Reuters said 20,000 and the BBC said 15,000) What a bunch of liars and cons they are as they cover up the news instead of reporting it.

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