Florida open season on black teenagers

George Zimmerman has been found NOT GUILTY of chasing and shooting dead a black teenager for being a “fucking punk”. Now what? George W. Bush got away with murder, he and Zimmerman are peas in the same simian-eyed pod. Yes a Mack Truck might have been as good as a guilty verdict against lynch mob of one Zimmerman, but that was yesterday. Today the system is broken. Will “Justice For Trayvon Martin” be served by calling for Zimmerman’s blood? For the jurors’? Our society is racist, the justice system corrupt. To root out injustice, let’s start with those who exploited the Zimmerman pony show, distracting the public from concurrent Supreme Court malfeasance and the kangaroo court assassinating Bradley Manning. If Manning is declared guilty, we’ve no use for any authority. But let’s ask, what public outcry could go beyond the reaction that is clearly expected and as such, orchestrated?

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5 Responses to Florida open season on black teenagers

  1. Avatar Juan says:

    We all know Zimmerman’s trial was not about having justice done, or cause we care or not about deviant or not black teens…. It was a political move to avoid the ghetto cockroaches from torching a town in the middle of the tourist season.

    We all know charter flights carrying thousands of British tourist land daily at the Sanford Intl. Airport… Just a few miles from the media circus .

    A tow that it is trying to survive an economic slowdown cannot afford to have the indigent element riot up the city with the excuse of poor justice.

    Nobody gives a damn wether a black teen got shot or wether the shooter was white, but everybody cares about the economic progress of the area they live in!! It’s just the nature of the Capitalist economic model!!!

  2. Avatar Ming the Merciless says:

    Yes, two niggers shoot a thirteen month baby in the head to rob his mother and all we hear in about another nigger on dope who got shot trying to kill a volunteer neighborhood watchman…

  3. Avatar Chuck Findlay says:

    Your hero, PFC Manning, apologized today for the “unintended consequences of my actions.” He told the judge at his court-martial trial that while he “believed it was going to help people, not hurt people,” he now realized that what he did was wrong. “I’m sorry that my actions hurt people,” he said. “I’m sorry that they hurt the United States.

    Guess you’re in the market for a new hero… bummer…

  4. Avatar Chuck Findlay says:

    You need to update your Pantheon of Heros…your hero now prefers “Chelsea” Manning… guess he (or she – this is getting confusing) is a woman trapped in a man’s body… explains alot…

  5. Eric Eric says:

    Really? Manning’s gender issue “is getting confusing” for you? Which is it, because next you say it “explains alot”? No need to update your status at NMT, from one comment to the next, you’re a schmuck.

    That Manning appologized for the unintended consequences of whistleblowing really just enhances her heroism in my book. And I find it rather unsurprising that the one US soldier who acted on their conscience turned out to be a woman.

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