Korean education system beats US

Forty thousand demonstrate in Korea against US beefThe next time you are in a line of cars wrapped around a fast food outlet showing your interest for a burger. Consider this photograph. These are forty thousand lit candles, held by 40,000 South Koreans who do not want American beef allowed into their food chain. Many nations ban US meat because of its probable Mad Cow contamination, but Korea is being coerced into accepting it, against the will of the Korean people. These 40,000 assembled in the streets not only to protest against the toxic meat, but to block the trucks from removing the poisonous US food product from where it had been safely quarantined.

4 thoughts on “Korean education system beats US

  1. I seriously do not know why so many people in Korea are making such a big deal out of the US meat trade thing. IT’S NOT A BIG DEAL!!!!!! I am a 18-year-old Korean American living in the US and have eaten US meat, yes, LA-style Galbi and Bulgogi from US meat, since I knew how to chew, which was for at least 15 years. And no, I do not have Mad Cow Disease. If I did, I wouldn’t have gotten a full ride to the University of Southern California (USC) as a result of my excellent grades, SAT scores, and extracurricular activities.

    And why all the backlash about In ‘N Out in the Korean media right now? Their Animal Style burgers rock the house and are much better than McDonald’s puny hamburgers. And In ‘N Out uses only the purest , most natural, and most fresh ingredients, including the meat.

    We, Korean Americans living in the US, are sick and tired of all this nonsense coming from Korea. If you don’t want US meat, then just don’t buy it!!! It’s simple. Seriously, why all this fuss????

    And seriously, concentrate on things that matter, like the whole Dokdo problem. I mean, what will happen if North Korea suddenly nukes you all??? Then, none of this stupid fuss about US meat will matter because you will all be dead. And I heard that more than 50% of the teenagers in Korea do not know when or how the Korean War started. Concentrate on educating your children properly.

  2. People in Korea should mind their own business? Isn’t that exactly what’s happening?

    So they should be so grateful to America that they’ll eat any poison America sends them? America and the UN combined didn’t save Korea, we got rolled up into one collective ass and the North and China kicked it up and down the peninsula.

    And thank you very much for the anecdotal evidence that Mad Cow doesn’t exist merely because you haven’t succumbed to it.

    I’ll file that with the anecdotes about people who smoked every day since turning 7 and didn’t develop lung cancer.

    Thus proving conclusively that Lung Cancer doesn’t actually exist.

    gah-sahm ni-da.

  3. I have to put in another snark here. If the American kids taught in Texas are any representative sampe of Hysterical Revisionism, 1/3 of Koreans being aware of what started the “Korean War” would be a huge improvement.

    if you grew up in America and learned the American (government) Version of History then you also don’t know what started the Korean War or any other conflict in which America was a party.

    According to Our Government Propaganda, thinly disguised as History, America and the U.N. actually won some kind of great victory. They didn’t. Nor was the U.S. the only nor the major source of soldiers.

    We got our asses chewed to the tune of more American losses than any war besides our Civil War. And it never was officially a war, and it still isn’t officially over, just 54 years of ‘cease fire’.

    But you would NEVER learn that in American High School.

    Especially since Texas and Florida state expenditures for Textbooks and the Curriculum for public schools are controlled directly by the governors, like former Governor Bush of Texas and Former Governor Bush of Florida. The ones who have a brother with the same Bush last name who “works” selling educational materials to guess which two Republican Replacements for guess which two brothers?

    Since Florida and Texas are number 1 and number 2 on the list of the largest purchasers of any textbooks, they actually set the curriculum for the rest of the country.

    Have a Nice Propaganda Day.

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