McCain ranked 894 out of 899 in school

If you are reading this you are smarter than John McCain

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4 Responses to McCain ranked 894 out of 899 in school

  1. Avatar Manny says:

    LOL May GOD BLESS who ever found this.

    I love it.



  2. Avatar Jonah says:

    couple of definitions… apropos I believe.

    Yale University “legacy points”… Affirmative Action for rich white boys who want to get in out of the Draft but are just too damn Dumb to get into college by any Merit Based admissions policies.

    U.S. Military Academy congressional appointments, with favoritism to sons of generals and Admirals… see above definition.

  3. Avatar ohwilleke says:

    Jonah, all U.S. military academy applicants are recommended by members of Congress. It is the only way to get admission to this particular institution.

  4. Avatar Jonah says:

    I know. It’s a political appointment, and the preferences go to….

    Sometimes it works. Robert E. Lee was the grandson of LightHorse Harry Lee, who served with Washington both in the “french and indian” war and the revolution.

    AND had the best academic record ever recorded at West Point, and was the only cadet who ever graduated without a single demerit.

    But you realize, the most fucked-up stupid ass massacres of American soldiers were caused by “leadership” West Point style. And Annapolis and of course here.

    Pickett leaps to mind. Custer. Although some people around this town actually still think of Custer as being a great leader and a Hero.

    I had one Second Lieutenant appointed over me when I was in Tech School who had basically gone to the AFA on a football scholarship.

    Oh, Boy, oh Joy, the guy is large and can throw a ball… let’s make him responsible for the lives of Human Beings…

    I can’t even remember the dude’s name. I just call him Lt Rex. As in “Dorkasaurus Rex”. He was the kind they would roll a grenade under his cot in the ‘Nam.

    Follow him into a War Zone? HAH!

    I wouldn’t have followed him into a whorehouse if he was paying.

    They say you have to have actual Merit to go to the academies, but then, they say the same thing about Yale and Harvard.

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