Message to the G.I.s

Rebel. Mutiny, take the arms away from your officers, gently if they cooperate, by force if necessary.

According to the UCMJ you not only have a right but a DUTY to refuse unlawful orders.

Your Commander in Thief cannot think for himself, why should you allow him to think for YOU?

Is it that you have no respect for your own intellect?

He has ordered you to kill, imprison and torture Civilians, in nations against whom the Congress of the United States has NOT declared war.

Throughout history this has never once worked as a coherent battle strategy.

It has also sparked reprisal killings, reprisal tortures, every single time it was used.

King Richard Couer-de-Leon of Normandy and England discovered this fact at Akkra.

I’m sure many of you have been to the Near East by now, and you might have noticed that the Arabic peoples still bear that particularly gross War Crime, the slaughter of P.O.W.s, in mind with all their dealings with you, or any other Eurocentric cultural invaders.

And that happened more than 8 centuries ago.

Your President ordering you to do the same thing only reinforces that.

His foreign policy of “Let them hate, as long as they fear” is even older than that, it was the policy of Caligula more than 1900 years ago.

It got so many Roman soldiers killed in reprisals that it’s been suggested (especially by me) it was the real reason for him being assassinated by his (military) guards.

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