More to the Elliot Spitzer political hit

“The Spitzer hit happened because Spitzer proposed to take over the three biggest bond insurers, and separate their mortgage backed
security business from their AAA business, after Moody’s down-rated all three AAA insurers to junk.”
-quote from a CIA Yahoogroups post. Here’s the story I found from NakedCapitalism. The bond insurers, or monoline companies, were down-rated, and many cities have lost billions on municipal bonds, retirement funds etc… due to the sub-prime cancer…. Looks like Elliot Spitzer WAS threatening the monolines.

This Global Research article supports what Spitzer knew about the sub-prime debacle years ago. And what he tried to do about it.

Walks like a political hit… talks like a political hit… Who were clients (1) through (8)?

They must have threatened his family… for him to take this lying down. FBI dirty tricks…. high Bush/Cheney command at work? Sure. Always in these kind of political killings. They compromise someone, then blackmail, or threaten family, force them to resign, and the media complies… Not that Spitzer might not have had a weak spot for high priced call girls… but there is no history of this behavior from him. Someday the truth might come out fully. Some bulldog investigative person will expose all…

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