Obama makes a potent flavor of Kool-Aid

Obama flavored Kool-Aid, Barack Obama now with vitamin R for RepublicanA Colorado College student was passing our antiwar banners today, and stopped to offer words of encouragement. “Thank you, she told us, you’re doing great work.” She offered the comfort that we had only to hold on until the fall election, when Obama would seize the reins. Were we as excited as she about Barack Obama?
Uh, if Obama was against the war.
Am I impressed with the Obama phenomena? I am. What are students reading between Obama’s lines? What are they not reading?

1 thought on “Obama makes a potent flavor of Kool-Aid

  1. It is clear to see, that America is still the land where the people are more than willing to still accept empty promises. Currently, we are very near to getting down to where just 2 brands of soda pop (or kool aid, as you put it) will be on the market of ideas (radar screens of most Americans).

    It is all very sad. Opponents of this ‘kool aid’ themselves offer only 2 brands, that of Ron Paul style Libertarianism, and that of the sterile Green Party/ Naderism crew, who offer a 2% brand of Social Democracy No, make that 1% at most.

    Then we factor in that America has an antiwar movement that has failed to be an antiwar movement in most aspects. We have morphed into a mere “Bring the Trrops Home from Iraq’ movement. I take that back, it has always been a limited movement, and hasn’t morphed from anything. ‘Peace’… yada, yada, yada. ‘ Non-violence’ and pray each night to God to make America a loving and gentle nation. Iraq, Iraq, Iraq. Peace, peace, peace…… burp.

    And the silly pseudo-environmentalism sweeping the land, too, offers little hope for change.

    ‘KRCC, sponsored by your donations, and also by Colorado College… Striving to become carbon neutral in the near future. Now back to NPR gnews’. Yawn…

    It’s all enought to make one want to join ‘al qaeda’, is it not? Yes, when it comes to ‘change’, Osama brand stands the test as well as any Obama brand ever could. Osama brand kool aid! Troops for Real Change, for real enough people! With the explosive new taste (trade mark pending).

    Agnostic Jihad! Yeah! At least it’s not as clueless as Dubya Thought and Obama Mania are. Agnostic Jihadists will never find hope for change in a Black DLCer talking about his admiration for Ronald Reagan. That’s just more of the same posing itself in a most idiotic manner. America needs more doubters. Join up! The other militias do not look all that inviting.

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