American liberalism lost in La La Land

American liberalism is lost in La La Land. Just look at the issues for them. ‘Anybody but McCain’; Send in the Troops to Punish China; We Love Al Gore!

Without a Socialist Left anymore, lumpenized middle class liberals cannot focus on anything beyond what the corporate media focuses for them to focus on. As one example, here is Common Dreams once again pushing corporate preaching by Al Gore on being green and clean, blah, blah, blah.
Gore Launches Ambitious Advocacy Campaign on Climate

To the lumpenized American liberal, this is big news to have the illustrious –NOT– Al Gore preaching to them and the world. It’s like they long for Jimmy Carter to be resurrected on Easter, or some such other liberal Christian Miracle. This just is not an alternative vision at all.

Somehow, the world needs to create a New Left, one that moves way beyond and in advance of the traditional Left Guard, composed of Imperialist Social Democracy, Academic Left Libertarianism, and Stalinoid Old Marxism. It’s just plain obvious that the liberals will not ever get anything done on their own. We need a New Left.

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