Obama: Leave Iraq Now? Yes, We Can!

OBAMA POSTER YES WE CANWhat will there be to say to Barack Obama at the DNC? What he’s not saying!
Obama offers half what we want to hear: hope, change, progress, without committing to the specifics. In fact he repudiates the antiwar solution flat out. He’s extended his timetable for Iraq and he wants to expand the US war on Afghanistan.
Obama’s voted for Bush’s wars, and says he’s anti war. You tell Obama- LEAVE IRAQ NOW! YES, WE CAN! END THE PHONY WAR ON TERROR! YES, WE CAN! LET AFGHANS BE? YES, WE CAN! For Obama’s election posters, why not suggest they say what we want to hear, if he wants our vote?

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2 Responses to Obama: Leave Iraq Now? Yes, We Can!

  1. Avatar Ed Billings says:

    Would you suggest voting for John McCain if Barack Obama pisses us off? Barack Obama may not be saying everything we want to hear, but would it be wise to vote for John McCain so that we will have third Bush Term just because you are pissed off at Barack Obama? That sounds alot like a Jew who would vote for Adolph Hitler just because he is pissed off at Winston Churchhill.

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Ed, nobody here is suggesting that people vote for John McCain. We are saying though that you should not vote for candidates of the other corporate war party either. Instead, you should try to be out telling the truth about the Democrats, which is something you and many like you seem adverse to doing. And by the way, neither McCain nor Bush is Adolph. Why not organize against both these 2 war parties, instead of following meekly behind one of them?

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