Preemptive arrests of exuberant youths

RichardDENVER- Richard Cressman, at left, was forced to disperse with the Unconventional Action marchers. He complied and was chased down the sidewalk with a bicycle cop trying to run over his heels shouting “MOVE, MOVE, MOVE” like a sweeper broom. When Richard reached the safety of the onlookers another police officer commanded “ARREST HIM!”

The Unconventional Action kids, who some might stereotype as “anarchists,” mounted another attempt to RECLAIM THE STREETS. Marching in front of the legislative building where they met an immediate police block of their march. Police in riot gear had been intimidating them all day and now countless officers poured out of vans and around corners. Within the first minute officers were donning gas masks.

The UA kids backed off into the park, leaving the officers to maintain their phalanx and shout orders to onlookers to clear the sidewalks. Meanwhile the UA group escaped over Colfax at a fast clip. More officers blocked their way within two blocks away from the park. A long standoff ensued. Reportedly 35 arrests were made, no violence except on the part of the police.

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  1. Avatar Thomas Mc says:

    I hope the City of Denver loses many millions of dollars in lawsuits for ignoring the Constitutional rights of WE THE PEOPLE.

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