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Mother Jones at Denver Capitol steps

In this photograph from her autobiography, Mother Jones leads a labor protest march in the heavy snow of the winter of 1914, past the courthouse, across Civic Center Park, around the Civil War Memorial, and unto the steps of the … Continue reading

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August 2008 at the Denver Courthouse

Spending so much time at the courthouse for the Ward Churchill v CU case, I was prompted to review these yet-unseen photos from last August’s DNC, featuring… the Denver Courthouse! Monday morning, August 25, 2008 Peacefully assembled demonstrators are protesting … Continue reading

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Obama presidential address to Congress addressed to dueling teleprompters

Have you noticed that Obama rarely looks forward when he speaks, not even by a fraction of 45 degrees? I think this censored camera shot which gives viewers President Obama’s point of view, the perspective exposes his complete reliance on the teleprompters. That’s why Obama turns his head completely from side to side, never facing forward, never appearing to address the majority of the audience who must obviously be in front of him. Anyway, it’s just an observation, but the mannerism has spoiled me for watching Obama make speeches, and I particularly question his use of the teleprompters for his press conference appearance. Continue reading

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Denver trial of R68 organizer starts Mon.

NEWS FROM RECREATE-68- The trial of R-68 organizer Carlo Garcia will begin Monday, January 5, in Denver. Carlo’s arrest was one of the worst cases of racism and police misconduct at the DNC. Below is a video of the incident … Continue reading

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ACLU: Police provoked first DNC arrests

The ACLU has uncovered a police report which reveals that the first gassing of protesters at the DNC was in response to actions by an undercover provocateur. The police explain their ruse was to extract the infiltrator from the crowd … Continue reading

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Getting the short hard end of the baton

Say the bailout for bankers reaches Five Trillion, while your holdings and your livelihood are let to evaporate to nothing. Say all social services are trimmed back, offices closed, and you have nowhere to turn. Say voters in November are … Continue reading

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We get up early to BEAT the crowds

The Denver Police Union is selling this t-shirt to raise funds and gloat about their brutish behavior at the DNC. The front of the shirt bears the R-68 logo encased in a circle/slash. The police claim that the t-shirt was … Continue reading

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When policemen don their gas masks

COLORADO COLLEGE- A friend of mine, not without influence at CC, shared my alarm at the police security buildup at the Denver DNC. Ultimately however, he considered the development to be of concern chiefly to those inclined to protest. Less … Continue reading

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Free Speech in the USA, USA, USA Zone

Exploring your free speech rights in America. Has it come to this? Mouth off all you want into the online ether or in the privacy of your local spheres of influence, but try to rise above the din where cameras … Continue reading

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Defend Denver with a Kalashnikov

DENVER- I wasn’t sure what this R68 t-shirt meant in advance of the 2008 Denver DNC. Protest organizers were anticipating riot police and a super- weaponized National Guard deployed to secure the city against us peaceful demonstrators. But the AK-47 … Continue reading

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Who to blame if nobama

A lot of people are still irrepressibly buzzed about electing Barack Obama to the presidency. For many months now the prospect has buoyed such hope, that Obama’s victory over John McCain has seemed almost foregone. I hate to suggest we’re … Continue reading

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Police State is no longer un-American

Do you consider gas masks and riot gear a proper response to peaceful marchers? The Denver public wasn’t indignant enough, and now St. Paul authorities have escalated arbitrary arrest exponentially. You’re going to wish you’d protested while it was safe.

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Denver DNC photographs by others

SUNDAY R68 RALLY (Michael G. Seamans on Flickr.) SUNDAY R68 PARADE (Imiglio, Flickr) SUNDAY R68 PARADE SUNDAY R68 PARADE SUNDAY R68 PARADE- Bill Moyer of the Backbone Campaign SUNDAY R68 PARADE SUNDAY R68 PARADE SUNDAY R68 PARADE SUNDAY R68 PARADE … Continue reading

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NMT coverage of DNC 2008 protests

At right is R68’s CMYK guide to DNC protests, STORM IN THE CITY, colored mischievously enough to read STORM’N.   Below is a guide to the NotMyTribe posts on the Denver DNC. We covered preparations, betrayals, security, the Saturday training, … Continue reading

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Undercover surveillance has uniform too

DENVER- DNC day 0, Undercover observers.   Could this NOT BE A COP? My goodness the cops had undercover uniforms too! White shirt, tan cargo shorts, white socks, running shoes, camera and backpack. This bicyclist was helping to track Unconventional … Continue reading

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DNC disruption provided by FOX NEWS

DENVER- Sunday DNC Antiwar Rally. Predictably enough, the only disorder at the DNC protests was instigated by Fox News knave Griff Jenkins. At Recreate 68’s kickoff rally on Sunday, ambush reporter Jenkins tried to rush the stage and force an … Continue reading

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Fish out of hot water in peaceful crowd

DENVER- Sunday DNC day zero, Civic Center Park, agent provocateurs I made it a sideline to take photos of potential police instigators at the DNC protests. What excuse can law enforcement make for planting undercover agitators in a peaceful assembly? … Continue reading

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DPD DNC provocateurs shy from camera

DENVER- Monday PM, DNC Day 1. Undercover Agent Provocateurs. Circulating among protesters with video cameras is one thing, walking around like you want to start trouble is another. Can you spot the faux troublemaker? This image doesn’t show his professional … Continue reading

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Police harrass kids at Denver DNC

DENVER- On the fourth day of watching Denver mobilize countless police squads in anticipation of problematic demonstrations, you’d think this patrol wouldn’t have caught our eye. Except, the officer leading point on this patrol advanced past our outdoor table with … Continue reading

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Marie holds the grass median at Market and Speer, Denver 2008 DNC.

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My travel plans for the Minneapolis RNC

To get the hell out of the country. We have a police state and a people who stand awestruck. They’re shocked by it, but not enough to say. Really, the activists hyped the risk of arrest and spread that legal … Continue reading

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ARD, Tent State surrogate for DNC cops

DENVER- Accounts of the Wednesday march from the Colosseum to the DNC are only getting half the story. Can I recount my small part? We were at the Pepsi Center entrance, laying the groundwork for the arrival of the IVAW … Continue reading

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Tell me what a police state looks like

“Those who would give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” -Benjamin Franklin DENVER- Photos from Wednesday night in front of the DNC.

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IVAW betrays their youthful marchers and capitulates to the Democratic Party

DENVER- I have friends in Iraq Veterans Against the War, but their much anticipated action today was totally FUBAR. Given latitude by the other protest organizers to be the feature action on the last day of the DNC, the IVAW … Continue reading

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Tent State stole park from DNC demos

DENVER- Wednesday was a day of major betrayal of DNC protesters. The Denver park from which demonstrations were being launched was today suddenly completely fenced off OVERNIGHT. Clever move on the part of city. Civic Center Park had been serving … Continue reading

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