Made you look! President Bush sees the handwriting on the wall

COLORADO SPRINGS, 9:25AM- Bush motorcade travels I-25 en route to the 2008 Air Force Academy graduation ceremony, passing our banner!

Mark Lewis has gathered media reports of the event and the actions at CSaction.

Heading up Academy Boulevard toward State Trooper on I-25 overpass
Hiking to overpass

Security measures for motorcade preclude pedestrians on overpass
State Police

Pattie holds stop-gap protest Peace banner for AFA South Gate

Unfurling 60ft banner along North Academy Boulevard
Daniel 5:25 banner

More suitable site 1/4 mile North of Fillmore overpass

Pattie and Marie struggle against wind and wet

Holding banner against fence separating I-25 from frontage road
Handwriting on the frontage fence

Vehicles are cleared from interstate, DHS white SUVs line utility roads
Clearing the path for the motorcade

Motorcade passes
Marie and Bush motorcade

With the esteemed AFA commencement speaker
Pattie and Bush motorcade

Bush armored limo
Eric and Bush motorcade

Mission Accomplished

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4 Responses to Made you look! President Bush sees the handwriting on the wall

  1. Avatar Sonja says:

    Great work everyone. Very impressive!

  2. Avatar Jonah says:

    Right on…

    …and that’s about all I got to say about that…

    (long and uncharacteristic reverent silence…)

  3. Avatar The 13th says:

    While many of of us have come to make light of the Bush-isms, it’s important to remember we’re only coping (and barely). Bush is as endearing as lung cancer. Granted, many people made the choice – like cigarettes. Habitual, consumptive, self-destructive – and poisonous to anyone that inhales the dark cloud.

    Some think once he’s out of office – America will move on. Perhaps – but without a number of us, and with another number to replace the rest.

    Fear and loathing in Babylon. (God, I miss you, Hunter!)

    thanks everyone.

  4. Avatar Jonah says:

    Hey, I saw your interview by the GagZette, actually on another forum… Stir up a little fervor here, watch the ripples.

    Living in the den of The Beast is about the most invigorating experience I can think of.

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