On your TV, Mr President, Spongebob!

The Presidential motorcade Colorado Springs May 28 2008
Radley joked that the Secret Service’s responsibility might extend to shielding the president from assaults on his psyche as well, such as a simple impertinent protestation cast in his general direction. While we might have hoped our banner would catch Bush’s eye, no doubt his handlers were able to preempt our interruption with a perfectly timed “look Mr. President, Spongebob!”

We were straining to see the Bush mug in the limo window, as the motorcade passed, but his attention might have been distracted by the limo TV.


A portrait of stamina.

Body language

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  1. Avatar Jonah says:

    …and probably muttering to himself “dang it, they keep telling me this is gay porn but I ain’t seen one single hard-on in 8 years of watchin’ it”

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