Sarah Palin and her debased GOP base

Obama Sucks t-shirt vendorCOLORADO SPRINGS- At Sarah Palin’s rally at Sky Sox Stadium on Monday, it was really depressing to see the thousands of people still turning up to see her. But what a bunch they were, and many of them brought children. A few local Dems showed up at 6am to demonstrate for Obama, and a hairy counter-protester set up a t-shirt stand across the street. He kept shouting “Obama sucks” every few seconds. However inane, his effect was demoralizing. He struck this fitting pose when he saw me aim my camera.

Obama supporters
The Obama support scattered themselves along the intersection and kept to a strict message of enthusiasm for their candidate.

We antagonists entertained jibes with motorists and Republicans arriving on foot.


3 thoughts on “Sarah Palin and her debased GOP base

  1. “the evil one”… now we know what he looks like…

    His Momma would have been SO proud…

    If he hadn’t already killed and eaten her…

  2. HA!!! That’s a great picture up top! You should strongly consider sending it to the Smithsonian, as proof of “Bigfoot’s” existence. On a serious note, I didn’t realize people still grabbed their crotch as a gesture of insult. But judging by his appearance, it seems that evolution may have bypassed him.

  3. I’m thinking of printing up a hundred or so copies and do a little Unauthorized Posting of them on telephone poles and such.

    One special one for the window of the Republican Party headquarters.

    Put a “I love Sarah!” deal on the backside of it, facing out so they won’t discover it right away.

    Or maybe not.

    But the possibilities for hilarity are manifold.

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