Slip, slip, slide, CRASH!

furious george …Bush is the great American nationalizer of financial industry! Freddie and Fannie took about $30 billion from US tax payers, but it’s slip, slip, slide, and CRASH! Next going down will be Lehman Brothers…. and the world economy, too. What a bad monkey George is!

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2 Responses to Slip, slip, slide, CRASH!

  1. Avatar Marie Walden says:

    $30 billion? Where does this number come from?

  2. Avatar tony logan says:

    $30 billion is a rough approximation, though back in July the New York Times used $25 billion as their rather rosy estimate. Actually, the Bear Stearns bailout is costing at least $25 billion and most financial commentators seem to think that Fannie and Freddie will cost more than that bailout did.

    See the NYT estimate here…

    Actually everybody seems rather hesitant to put a firm figure on any estimates lest they miss the ball park altogether and that comes back later to make them look bad.

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