Scuze more Sarah Palin hope bashing

Sarah Palin on the cover of US Magazine, BABIES, LIES & SCANDALCOLORADO SPRINGS- The VP candidate floating conservative hope in these parts is having to contend this week with Angelina, Brad and Jennifer on the tabloids at the supermarket checkout aisle. Except my aisle at the King Soopers on Star Ranch. Someone stuck all the US Magazine issues face backward in perhaps their personal effort at a media blackout. I left them that way to be sure someone else could corroborate my story.

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5 Responses to Scuze more Sarah Palin hope bashing

  1. Avatar tony logan says:

    Lay off the Mom! At least she’s no used car salesman like Joe Biden is, and she represents CHANGE, and not eltiism. You might not like the change, but CHANGE it is never the less.

    What do you have against a Pentacostal VP anyway? At least she can speak some foreign languages which is more than Dick Cheney can, PLUS her accent is better than Dubya’s in Spanish!

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  3. Avatar Thomas Mc says:

    I think a Pentacostal VP would make for a great sitcom, or maybe even a movie.

    Imagine the Secret Service agents’ reactions, when she’s “slain in the spirit,” and they all think she’s been assassinated.

    Or when she’s giving a speech, and starts “speaking in tongues,” because she thinks that will “bring people to Jesus.”

    Or she starts “prophesying,” and creates an international political crisis…

  4. Avatar tony logan says:

    Yeah, it would be a great hit in Europe especially. Too bad that Jerry Lewis couldn’t co-star in this TV drama as First Husband.

  5. Avatar The 13th says:

    Admittedly Sarah is some form of comic relief. What form? Play-dough of course!

    Eric, maybe the magazines were backward for apolitical reasons – such as for sentiments regarding long term child abuse. Does she have a license to carry live arms? I wonder if they drugged it for the pose. Referring to Sarah of course.

    Ha! Thomas. We already have that pentacostal sitcom. The trouble is that it’s a Pay Per View event erroneously labeled in the tv guide as the Nightly News.

    This is the reason why infocommercials have such good ratings. People can relate to their integrity better than the news, and I don’t blaim them.

    Jack LaLaine sez Put Your Hands on Your Side.

    …Mud in a box. Only $13.00. Safe for home work and schools.

    Play-dough economics to consumer trickle-treat. Whee!

    All we need now is for Walmart to provide recycling BEFORE we take it home. This isn’t Gideon’s way – it’s Gordian’s.

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