Will economic stimulus avoid recession?

The capitalists system is in meltdown. The apologist candidates won’t tell us what the real problems are because they were asleep at the wheel and have voted in support of and taken part in the corrupt capitalist system. They’re all millionaires!!!! It’s time to start a new economy and new currency, end war, cut the military budget to 1/4 of what it is and dismantle the Fed. …and the parasitical Stock Market gambling casino that robs those who produce goods and services of their bounty.

Will Economic Stimulus Measures Stave Off Recession?
by Richard C. Cook

The 2008 Presidential Election: Concepts Progressives Must Know About Monetary Policy and History

Greenspan’s Dark Legacy Unmasked
by Stephen Lendman

C.H. Douglas: Pioneer of Monetary Reform – A National Dividend and Social Credit. by Richard C. Cook

Sovereign Wealth Funds

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