Support the Troops executing civilians

German regulars execute 36 Serb civilians in Pancevo, Vojvodina in retaliation for the deaths of two SS men
Early in WWII, a German Army film staff recorded this deed in color: enraged by the loss of two officers on April 21, 1941, the invading German soldiers gathered 36 random males from the town of Pancevo, Vojvodina and hung or shot them. How different was this from what US soldiers did on November 19, 2005, in Haditha, Iraq? In Haditha American Marines killed the women and children too. The Pancevo events in 1941 were kept from the German public lest their support for their troops waiver.

7 thoughts on “Support the Troops executing civilians

  1. the difference was that our government is not in agreement with these acts, whereas Hitler was. Besides, is this article comparing our nation to that which killed 6millions jews? that is a little unequal. after all, we were the ones who ultimately stepped in and put an end to that violence. Who would stand behind such an outlandish statement?

  2. The Nazis were responsible for more than that, 24 million Russians alone, for example. But are numbers the real measure of inhumanity?

    I wouldn’t give our government a pass so easily. The war we waged in Southeast Asia took millions of civilian lives, all of them purposefully. And US economic policies are responsible for the suffering and death of many, many millions.

  3. i just had to answer luke…your gov is very much behind these acts and many others. Iraq had nothing to do with WTC…Look for the cause to that a lot closer to home.

  4. Were you born stupid, or just French?
    Nice to hear and see you have your freedom. Obviously paid for by someone else. Cowards like you will never fight for yourself.
    You are truely the biggest P.O.S. I’ve read about in a long time. Tell me, did your Mom and Dad lose a bet with God? Now you’re our problem? Do the world a favor and wash your mouth out with some BUCKSHOT…..

  5. Freedom paid for by people willing to stand up to the Army and their supporters. They’re kind of rabid, you know?

    Look what they’re doing to Bradley Manning. Not for telling lies like “the Army fought for your freedom” but for telling the truth, like, deliberate shooting of civilians.

    Like, the fact that not one of the official reasons for invading and occupying Iraq for the profit of the Oil Corporations was actually in fact a fact. Lies like “WMDs” and “They did 9/11”

    They’re torturing him pre-trial. And if the Kangaroo Court Martial does as expected and sentences him to a long prison term, as soon as publicity dies down the “FREEDOM” loving Military Police will conveniently find him “committed suicide” in his cell. And all those people who chant that the Army somehow gives us or freedom will applaud the Murdering Pigs who did it. Just like they applaud shooting civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan. After all, the Afghans and Iraqis aren’t real people to them anyway. They’re “Towel heads, Muzzle-monkeys, Sand-niggers, and Wogs” right?

    And of course every single person capped off by the Army in foreign lands is guilty of Terrorism. Especially those ones who disguise themselves as children or even babies.

    And since the Army clearly doesn’t defend freedom of speech HERE I’d say it’s a strong bet they don’t defend freedom THERE either. The Army stood around while the Colorado Springs Gestapo were beating down civilians HERE for the crime of marching in a parade for which we had the paid license. Freedom isn’t free, really? You don’t even get freedom here when you paid for it. There’s a picture of it to the left of this comment.

  6. awww… Little Joe got hims feewings hurt? C’mon, joe, come out and play. We won’t beat you up for talking back… that’s what YOUR side does, providing that the person you’re beating up is handcuffed and helpless and outnumbered… You know the way it goes, right, Joe? And anybody who talks back to you or your uniformed thug buddies DESERVES to be beaten up, right, Cop?

    Let’s see, what freedoms have you “given” us? Freedom to shut up whenever you or one of your uniformed Comrades tells us to? Freedom to confess to any crimes you or your Uniformed Thug Comrades accuse us of committing?
    Freedom to a “Fair Hearing” where the judge, the prosecutor, every member of the jury and even the so-called Defense Attorney are all sworn to convict whether there’s any guilt or not?
    Freedom to Obey or Die with a U.S. Government Bullet in our back?

    Say, isn’t that the Same Freedom YOUR puppet dictators like Hosni Mubarak and Bibi Netanyahu and Manuel Noriega and Peron and the Duvaliers “gave” their people with the backing of the United States?

    The same “Freedom” Saddam Hussein “gave” the Iraqi people, again with the puppet powers given to him by the United States?
    Is that the problem you have with the French? That their government of France didn’t allow the United States to make Charles De Gaulle into just another American satrap? Turn France into a Puppet Dictatorship like England is?
    Maybe it’s because the French didn’t join you in invading and occupying Iraq for the sole benefit and profit of your Oil Corporate Empire? The invasion based on LIES told by the Thief George Bush and his Idiot Minions? Hmmmm….?

    Actually, I think there’s a deeper personal reason for you to despise the French…. because the Irish government did the same thing, refused to become a U.S. Puppet State, refused to take part in your so-called “liberation” of Iraq…
    Of course, there ARE about twenty times as many Irish Americans as French Americans, maybe it’s just a coward moment on your part, you and the rest of the “frog bashers”, you’ve counted the odds and decided to jump on the smallest minority you could find. 95% less chance of getting your teeth kicked down your throat?
    Kind of typical, But I don’t think that’s your primary motivation, Joe
    No, I don’t think that’s it. Because, you know, you singled out the French and only the French and used the word “stupid” in the same sentence.

    I think, really, that it was because some “intellectual” got the cheerleader you were trying to impress in High School, and you never got over it, right? Somebody who spoke French and it impressed her? Maybe even a French foreign exchange student? What happened, Joe, did you brace up the “stupid” intellectual French guy, tried to beat him up for taking “your” girl?
    As though you could actually own another person, that’s another thing about which y’all “Freedom” fighters have a case of Advanced Hypocrisy.

    So, let’s work through this scenario, Joe, and of course, I could be wrong but your level of Pure Venomous Hatred tells me I’m not… You and maybe a couple of friends you brought along for backup tried to beat the “intellectual’ down and you lost the fight. And you and your high school buddies were so scarred for life because you lacked then and still lack the emotional maturity to Get The Fuck Over It.

  7. hmmm… Its funny everyone bags Hitler out… Please show me evidence of Hitler advising Jews should be gassed? Where he said soldiers could take matters into their own hands?… Just like Germany in WW2 and USA today. Politicians say what the people want… Agencies like Gestapo and or CIA make up their own rules…. Its easy to point the finger and say Hitler did it, Stalin did it, Church hill did it, Saddam did it…. Truth is greed, money, and people starving caused a lot of issues that led to WW2. Here is a learning curve for you, whats done is done, lets make the current world a better place by becoming one…. Humanity, not broken down by money, greed, sexual gender, age, race and or others… WE are the people who let OUR governments do as they like… Wake up.

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