The AIPAC friendship society at work

AIPAC is an organization of friendship, and its work is legendary. A recent film allows us to see just how this melding of minds works in actual practice. See the film over at the BBC and ask yourself, is Zionism really racism?

Don’t these nice Jewish people have the right to protect themselves from stone throwing kids, ‘suicide bombers’, and the like? Don’t they have a right to the land? AIPAC is certainly a nice group of people, right? Certainly Barack Obama thinks so. See the text of Obama’s AIPAC Speech

Isn’t AIPAC working on behalf of a beleaguered and peaceful people? They just need a little more US assistance per Obama to bludgeon the Muslims into the ground? Vote Obama if that is what you want. Vote for Obama if you want more war in the Middle East.

Bush has lost his credibility, but the Man for ‘Change’ will bring the American people back on board for more of the same. He’s Black, you know? Remember Colin Powell?

4 thoughts on “The AIPAC friendship society at work

  1. I’ve got Irish relatives (who don’t ever invite me to family reunions- good thing too, if I ever caught a plane out of Belfast or Dublin I would never get back into the States) but they use a .38 to the kneecap. Busting somebody’s nuts is one thing, and the pain is spectacular, but a kneecapping is forever.

    I think, but not sure (haven’t tried it yet) a kneecapping would hurt even after you’ve been dead for a few years.

  2. For Netanyahu to not only try to inject hlmiesf into American politics, especially to denigrate our sitting President and support his challenger is crass at best. Considering that even Ehud Barak, of Israel, has stated that President Obama has been the Most Friendliest President to Israel EVER speaks volumes.For Bibi (Netanyahu’s nickname) to try to FORCE President Obama to draw HIS Red Lines’ concerning Iran is just plain Ludicrous, one does NOT do that to the ally that send you $ billions every year, sends high tech weapons systems and helps to build the Israeli Iron Shield Defense system to protect from rocket attacks mostly from the Gaza strip, which Israel treats very badly, so it is NO wonder that the Hamas Palestinians are mad and send the occasional low tech, usually home-made rocket at Israel. (I am not defending the Palestinian’s use of rockets or force, but I am certainly not supporting the way that Israel has kept the Gaza Strip nearly completely closed off to imports not allowing exports so that their terribly economy and infrastructure decay even further and attacking them with jets, artillery and a much more modern and larger force than the Gaza strip has.)Netanyahu wants to drag us into yet ANOTHER war in the ME on their behalf when we have been battered and our coffers drained in the last 2 wars that were started there under Bush by his lies about WMDs, in Iraq he was trying to say that Saddam helped the terrorist’ attack on the Trade Center when all he wanted was to capture the oil fields, loot the Nation and give No-Bid contracts to his VP’s Company Halliburton and the Mercenary Co Blackwater along with guaranteeing hundreds of billions of dollars for the Military Industrial Complex. Afghanistan, while Al Qaida did train there, we have to remember that it was our very own CIA that built Al Qaida in order to fight the Soviet Union when they attacked Afghanistan. We could of, and did, destroy their training camps and track down the Al Oaida individuals without doing a full invasion of their Nation. Afghanistan, however, has IMMENSE mineral wealth, largely untapped, as well as the drug trade, both of which are highly profitable for those with few or no morals, which describes to a T the Bush Admin and his merry band of warmongering, profiteering Neocons.In BOTH cases Bush, Cheney and the rest of the Neocons were looking at Never Ending wars in which they and their buddies would profit to the tune of hundreds of billions if not multiple trillions with the gas, oil and minerals they intended to rob from these Nations .and we wonder just why these nations have a deep seated hatred of us. NOW, Netanyahu wants us to fight his war for him, saying that the Iranians are CLOSE TO HAVING THE BOMB, which Israel already has hundreds of, yet will Not declare them nor will they sign the Nuclear Weapons Non-Proliferation Treaty? Iran has signed it, so why should Israel be the ONLY nuke armed Nation in the area. Israel has been beating this same drum for nearly 2 decades now, saying it will only be a year or two before they have The Bomb, yet those Year or Two’s’ keep passing with no Bomb for Iran. I think that they have cried WOLF way too many times nowIn all reality, Bibi is trying to take everyone’s eyes off from the fact that Israel (under Bibi) has NO intentions of promoting peace with the Palestinans is continuing to grab land by building and expanding settlements on the West Bank, which has been totally against the very charter that Israel signed when the UN made them a full Nation State and has continually dismissed UN ruling saying that the Settlements are illegal and that they must ALL be removed, back to the 1967 demarcation line. Bibi is quite disingenious about how he is going bout it, not only will he NOT get his war with Iran, but the way that he is going against International Law in so many areas, and now even the American Jews are being firmly against him, and it may well be enough to get Ol Bibi tossed out of office or declared an International War Criminal.Netanyahu may well be the impetus, on a world stage, to have severe sanctions placed on his Government and International trade, which would lead to him, at the very least, removed from office and a real peace being made with the Palestinians as well as forcing Israel to live up to it’s UN Charter and getting out of the West bank entirely thus giving the Palestinians at least their West bank land back and allowing them to FINALLY have their own State.America is tired of Israel’s loose cannon and so are the American Jews. Bibi is being isolated and is becoming totally irrelevant to the rest of the world aside from his constant threats to start WWIII with an attack on Iran. I do not think the world will stand for this, neither the Americans, the Russians, the Chinese, Europe nor anyone in the Middle East.Bibi has drawn his own red lines and all it has done is to paint hlmiesf into a corner from which he cannot extricate hlmiesf without eating a whole lot of crow and losing everything that he has tried to accomplish.President Obama was entirely correct to not meet with this monster of a Leader, wheter Israel is our ally or not!

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