The Iowa horse race feeds our delusion of being a democracy with peppy pap

I Hate Iowa… no make that…. I hate the horse races, which along with America’s football fetish, are two gambling sports we should not participate in if we value our mental health. Too much steroids involved. Too much TV bullshit coming from meathead announcers and shills of all naughts. And now live from Iowa’s Cargill Stadium comes American Democracy Night! Turn it all off, for it will just rot your brain out entirely if you don’t!

Smedwards lost to Alabomba beating the Lesbian gal. Huckster in just ahead of The Mormon! This is worse than the cheerleader contests back in Junior High times. Somebody export some real democracy to us now, PLEASE. Not this Stepford thing of flesh and brain eating candidate corporatized zombies they call American Idol… I meant the American Primaries.

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