The phony vote game

Stupor Tuesday coverage was even more stultifying than I had imagined it would be. The media truly has its job cut out trying to make the American public continue to think that we are watching democracy in action this time around. It just doesn’t smell right though. In fact, it smells rotten.

As unease about world security continues to arise, the American ruling strata only can try to put us all into an insipid political La-La Land, but we’ve already seen this shit too many times before. Nobody is enthused much by this processed spam that we are told is democracy in action.

It most certainly is not and it’s increasingly obvious. Even the liberal, vote-is-all cheerleaders are rather silent compared to their excitement in past electoral years. The vote is obviously phony and thinking people are now total outsiders in this fantasy shopping mall election. What we have is a corporate scrubbed political system that is as devoid of reality as fast food is of nutrition.

America is simply starving for lack of real democracy, and it shows. The media commentators make one simply want to gag.

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