For houses with McCain-Palin lawn signs

A topical greeting card to leave where you see McCain/Palin lawn signs:
Neighborly greeting card
Finally a chance to do more than throw watermelon rinds at their lawns signs on the drive to school. Tonight’s tentatively calamitous main event offers a chance to elevate neighborly political discourse. Before tonight’s Sarah Palin debate appearance, hand deliver a greeting card to neighbors on your block who have McCAIN or NOBAMA signs on their property. Whether they’re selfish, bigoted, uninformed, or just idiots, make them feel the transparency of their Republican affiliation.

14 thoughts on “For houses with McCain-Palin lawn signs

  1. I kind of look forward to Sarah Palin possibly denouncing the bailout legislation with Biden defending it. She would blame Democratic Party liberals for having passed so many ‘socialist’ regulations that it collapsed the financial markets, or our Libertarian friend, Michael’s argument in short.

    This sort of silliness still plays big with most of the American population, especially the Southern and more rural folk of the West and Mid West. If Biden takes the bait and rails out against her ‘nuttiness’, it will not necessarily be read by many as her losing the debate at all. Biden will just come off as being ruder and more elitist than her.

    Look for the McCain camp to pretend ‘differences’ of opinion between Palin and her John. Between the two of them, they plan to throw out something for everybody, and let Slick Joe hang himself on his rather slimy personality and Barack on his less than totally Lily White form. After all, this is a contest between Coke and Pepsi, so to speak, and which ‘product’ will ultimately have the most clever marketing for the public to lose itself with?

    Still, most folk blame the Republican President for all mishap at this point. Palin would have to win this debate HUGE to be of any much importance tonight in this week’s campaigning. Maybe Biden will show up drunk? That would be fun!

  2. The race is over. Prepare for Watts, Harlem, Detroit and Atlanta to be reduced to ashes come November 5. Sarah Palin “won by not losing”, and the worst that even the PBS pudits could say against her was that she was “too colloquial”. Biden came off as the polished, over-coached Washington sleazeball that he really is, while Palin is going to be perceived as “one of us”, but with enough common sense and wisdom to do the job, if called upon. Eric, I hope that your thoughts will be with me when I go down to Republican headquarters tomorrow, make my donation, and get my yard sign(s). Who’s embarrassed now?

  3. There was no knockout punch by either of the 2 twits here. I give it only marginally to Biden, but only since his flag loyalty lapel was not as outlandishly big as Palin’s was.

    Pepsi almost tied with Coke though. Still, all in all a big yawner. The only way that McCain can win this election is only if Bush launches a big new extension of war somewhere or another. Then all the dumb bullies will rally around The Flag once again. They won’t be happy until they’ve driven the car off the road while drunk on their pseudo patriotism.

  4. It was a good debate of sorts or at least I was able to eat during it. As for Palin, from my reading of the punjits per their debate review: they applauded the Palindrome for learning her cuecards and being well-studied in the art of not answering specifics. Thus almost acting like a politician.

    I liked when she compared eco-awareness to knowing that the weather changes in fragile Alaska.

    I especially liked her non-aural winking tactics – completely evasive to the opponent but not the camera.

    “Ya all know – winkie winkie – I gotta big family. Winkie winkie. So that says lots y’all. Says something doesn’t it, doesn’t it?! ”

    (Says I’m waiting for the red light to cut me off or want to go home.)

    “Ya all know – I have tolerance for my big family and they tolerate me. Winkie Winkie. That’s good isn’t it, isn’t it!?”

    What the hell has any of that got to do with politics? More like an old Monty Python routine if you ask me…
    I’m afraid I don’t quite follow you.

    Follow me. Follow me. That’s good, that’s good!
    A nod’s as good as a wink to a blind bat!

    Are you, uh,… are you selling something?

  5. Are you kidding me? At best, Palin beat the spread. She still demonstrated the low standards to which she’s held by her supporters. Won’t answer questions, won’t veer from falsehoods, can’t think on her feet except to make her way through a checklist of zingers. I wouldn’t hold her fit to be a mother even.

  6. Where do you get off attacking her as a mother. Okay smart guy. Deal with the issues. It doesn’t say much about who you are genius.

  7. Are you kidding me? You think a lying, unscrupulous, cold-blooded, power-tripping schemer makes a good role-model for children?

  8. Palin is no more than a disposable attack dog. After they lose the election, the only one with the tarnished reputation will be her, since she was the one to buy in to the dying philosophy of Rovian strategy.

    After coming from nowhere with a fresh face and a squeaky-clean reputation, she adopted the slimeball strategy and squandered all her newly earned political capital.

  9. “…hand deliver a greeting card to neighbors on your block who have McCAIN or NOBAMA signs on their property. Whether they’re selfish, bigoted, uninformed, or just idiots, make them feel the transparency of their Republican affiliation.”

    funny you should use the word bigot. how about YOU stop being a bigot and just quietly dismiss those who hold different views? or maybe just be accepting of everyone despite their opinions.

  10. Dude!
    This isn’t about fear of a dark-skinned president. You guys are bigots for supporting racist oppression of the world, hogging all the resources by killing and enslaving others. Being uniformed is no excuse.

    Your policies defeated, now you want quiet acceptance? Republicans should be prodded with pitchforks for the rest of their piggy lives, and never, ever again allowed to put their hand on the wheel.

    The Democratic Party is the flip side of the same coin, but at least their supporters had altruist motives.

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